Posted by: Nathan | March 3, 2006

Self-congratulation, Agenda and Oscar

This weekend the Academy Awards are back in all their overhyped, overdressed glamour and smugness, and I cannot care less. There was a time when I would get excited to watch the stars award and applaud themselves because I cared about movies; I wanted to see the movie I was rooting for do well. As recently as 2 years ago, I watched to see if The Return of the King would get the best picture nod it deserved (thank goodness it did). But even then the entire four-hour-long production was wearing on me.

My sister Karen was the first person to put words to my growing discontent with Oscar. She said she liked the dresses, excitement, etc. but was beginning to really dislike the self-congratulation. Self-congratulation is really what the Academy Awards are all about. A small group of Hollywood insiders (theoretically) watches every movie and nominates other Hollywood folks for awards. Then they all get together, spend far too much money on clothes to make their usual complaints about the poor legitimate, and parade themselves on stage passing the small trophies out to a select few.

The self-congratulation is one head of the two-headed Oscar monster (no relation to “the Grouch”); the other head is agenda. So many movies that win awards are left-wing agenda driven? How about Fahrenheit 9/11 winning best documentary when propaganda film would be more apropos? What about Philadelphia and the AIDS issue, Monster and mental illness, American Beauty and suburban desperation and sexuality, and this year Brokeback Mountain and homosexuality? Not all these issues are unworthy of attention, but that many agenda-driven movies is hard to stomach. Essentially, Hollywood is force-feeding America the political and moral nourishment it deems healthy and then rewarding itself by calling these movies the best pictures of the year. Too bad Brokeback didn’t gross 1/4 as much as The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, but that’s only because of the backward-thinking, Bible-thumping, ignorant masses who just need to watch more best pictures to fully understand the world.

With self-congratulation and agenda on my mind, perhaps I’ll watch the four hours of left-wing humor, revealing and expensive dresses, and endless awards that no one really cares about except those who win them. There are usually a few genuinely funny moments, and the musical performances are decent. Plus, the wife watched the Super Bowl with me, so I owe her one.


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