Posted by: Nathan | March 15, 2006

Thank You Note to Friends

More often than not in this blog, I will criticize, posit, or argue something. Today I would like to be thankful.
In every person’s life, there are many people who move and change that individual; it happens daily. However, there are also a select few people who affect one in a such a profound way that life without them would be unrecognizable. This past weekend, I was priveleged to spend time with seven of these people, my wife and six friends from college: Nate, Lisa, Dan, Elissa, Kyle, and Michele. These friends are the sort of people that raise the caliber of the word “friend.” They are life-changers and beloved companions. The weekend was refreshing and rejuvating in a deeply spiritual way for me; indeed, one cannot sit that close to a roaring bonfire and not get warm. It was a great weekend.
My wife and I are in a time during which we don’t have a community to call our own. Soon, we hope to leave the land of 10,000 lakes and find a new state, so making friends at church seems like a hello-goodbye situation; our families live hours south of us, and our best friends have all moved on. Last weekend, these friends were able to come and stay with us for a few glowing days. They are the kind of people who are easy to host. They didn’t complain, demand, obligate, or expect; instead, they helped, thanked, and enjoyed. We really didn’t do very much because it was enough just to be together. It is those friends that make life so much easier.
This post is getting to be rambling at best and unstructured at worst, but it’s because I don’t know how to write what I’m trying to say. Everyone should be blessed with such amazing people in their lives as Jen and I have. I guess I desire to write a thank you letter for all the things I cannot quite say right but only know in my heart. Thank you, my friends, for being God’s hands and feet to me and Jen every day that I’ve known you. You’ve prayed, laughed, teased, cried, listened and had fun with us. Your friendships are more precious than anything this world can offer, and best of all, we have all of eternity to enjoy them.
It’s always easier to be together with such people, but that’s not what our lives have called us to do. Maybe the mark of a true friendship is when distance cannot kill it, and it only grows the bonds. I am thankful for those who have altered my life for the better in a myriad of ways I’ll never know or understand. My heart rejoices to have such Godly friends; may the blessings you’ve showered on my wife and I be repaid in full and more. We love you.


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