Posted by: Nathan | April 22, 2006

The “Quest” goes High-Tech

Well, I admit I’m a slow learner when it comes to blogging, but thanks to the help of some friends, I have figured out how to moderate comments, add pictures, and insert links. Therefore, if you’re a frequent reader (and everyone ought to be), you’ll see more comments and high-tech-type doodads if you reread the prior posts. Sorry about the dilatory comments, and I’m flattered that so many of you comment on my meager posts.


  1. Whether or not your blog is high tech, it is a great read.

  2. Hooray for doodads! In rereading the prior posts I’ve found some Watermark album art and a slew of great comments. Already impressed, I suspect the rabit hole goes deeper…

  3. Im new into this and facing the same problem, I cant view my comments, I need help!

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