Posted by: Nathan | May 3, 2006

She can Cook

–My wife has a lot of different abilities and talents, and I’m super blessed to call her my better half. This post, I’d like to honor her incredible cooking abilities. Here’s a short list of stuff she’s made from recipes, her own mind, or a combination of both:
-Lasagna (both red and white lasagna, the white with shrimp)
-Enchiladas (very cheesy con pollo)
-Homemade Pizza (we’ve had both pepperoni and sausage)
-Peach Pork
-Curry Chicken (with a nod to E of D&E)
-Sweet and Sour chicken or pork
-Farfalle with Pesto (want the recipe?)
-Crab cakes (last night! Mm mmm)
-Beef cuts in a brandy sauce (Note: I do not recommend brandy by itself…blegh)
-Fried Chicken
–This is just a small sampling of the cooking we enjoy every week. Of course, we have Tuna Helper, soup, or hot dogs some nights, but J always finds a way to make them interesting (e.g. adding vegetables to the helper). Also, I should note that many of these recipes J makes on weeknights after working all day. I’m blessed to have such an amazing woman as a wife. Hats off to you, J.


  1. She is a tremendous cook. And I like the new design :)–>

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