Posted by: Nathan | May 16, 2006

Coffee’s Perfect Mate Indeed

I didn’t used to like coffee. It wasn’t until I acquired a certain job in 2004 that coffee became a viable option for me, but even while working there I held out for a couple of months without liking it. But in June, I succumbed to its dark flavor and caffeiney goodness. I drank it black for a time, and I still enjoy it that way, but there’s just something sweet about coffee accompanied by Coffee-Mate that I cannot say no to.

I’m no amateur Coffee-Mate taster; I’ve had my share of flavors. To benefit you, dear reader, here’ s my ranking of the flavors I’ve tried and the marks they warrant:

Amaretto: 9.5/10 A
–As many know, Amaretto is the super combo of almond and cherry. Oh man, this is my favorite by far. It’s perfectly sweet and delicious without being overpowering and tastes just as good no matter how much you pour into the coffee.

Coconut Crème: 8.8/10 A-
–You’ve got to like coconut to enjoy this one, and I do. You need to add more than you probably want to in order to achieve the proper coconutty-ness, but it’s good.

Egg Nog*: 7.7/10 B
–Again, you must have the proper Egg Noggy appreciation, but there’s plenty to enjoy here when Christmas rolls around. It’s a little heavier as Egg Nog tends to be, and you need to pour plenty in your mug to taste it fully. Caveat: it leaves the drinker a little thirsty.

Vanilla Chai Spice: 7.0/10 B
–I really like chai tea, so this was a natural. However, the chai doesn’t work as well with the coffee as I hoped, so I have to add a lot of it to make it taste chai-y. Still, it’s yummy.

Toffee Nut: 5.5/10 C
–I didn’t really like this one, but it was better than not having creamer.

Those are the kinds I have tried, but there are many more I have not yet had the opportunity of tasting: Chocolate Raspberry, Crème Brulée, Hazelnut, Irish Crème (Dan’s favorite), Original, Vanilla, Toasted Almond, Vanilla Caramel, Vanilla Nut, Pumpkin Spice*, and Peppermint*. Reading the list of flavors, one must wonder: Why so many Vanillas, Coffee-Mate? It’s a quandry. I ought also to mention that the flavors I’ve tried are all in liquid form; I shy away from the powder because I don’t trust powders. It’s just a hangup I have.

I found the Coffee-Mate website most entertaining, including a flavor list, locator of vendors, and a drink personalizer. The drink finder was wrong every time I used it, but maybe you’ll have better luck.

*denotes a seasonal flavor


  1. I like French Vanilla the best, though I have only tried French Vanilla and Original.

  2. I’m a fan of Vanilla Caramel and French Vanilla. I dislike the Egg Nog because I dislike real egg nog, and my loathing for Irish Crème I attribute to a loathing for Baileys Irish Cream. Unexpectedly, I don’t like Pumpkin Spice while I love pumpkin pies, bars, and patches.

    Don’t you have to refrigerate liquid Coffee Mate? That’s why I stick to powder. But you’re right not to trust it, believe me…

    Oh, and the drink finder actually did ok for me this first time using it. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Vanilla Chai Spice

    Coffee-mate’s new Vanilla Chai Spice is now my favorite coffee creamer flavor. My old favorite was Vanilla Caramel, but it wasn’t enough to make me bring my own to work. Now that I’ve tried Vanilla Chai Spice, I can’t go back …

  4. I tried changing my trackback, but in case it doesn’t work: you were right about Vanilla Chai Spice. I jumped the gun before I realized that normals amounts of the creamer placed in normal strength coffee would be quite different from the first few times I tried it. Good review, Sir.

  5. I loved Vanill Chai Spice last fall. I was devastated when it was taken off of the shelves. I WANT THEM TO BRING IT BACK!!!!

  6. Vanilla Chai Spice is like a drug you have no intention on stopping!!!! I tried it once and I was hooked. I saved hundred of dollars over a couple of months becuase I didn’t go to Starbucks every morning before work. Much to my chagrin CoffeeMate has discontinued the flavor. And Why may I ask are they still making flavors like Irish Creme and Toffee Nut–are they crazy!!! And now all up and down the grocery isles there are rows and rows of Blueberry Cobbler….Really? Blueberry? Are they serious? I’ve gone to coffeemates’ website and expressed my discontent with their lack of consumer appreciation. How can you vote something as a favorite flavor and then stop making it? You don’t see McDonald’s discontinuing the Big Mac do you? It too was once a limited time only item. Please write Coffemate and tell them to bring back the Vanilla Chai Spice. and for God sakes stop making these other ridiculous flavors in it’s place.

  7. Vanilla Chai Spice is gone?! This is very sad.

  8. Excellent rant, Tamarra. I completely agree with you on the ludicrousness of getting rid of Vanilla Chai Spice; maybe they’ll bring it back.

    I am pleased to hear you saved money by not going to Starbucks. You should just stop going there altogether if you’re purchasing espresso drinks. Why? Well, besides the fact that they’re overpriced (all coffee places are), they burn the milk, don’t put enough shots in, have terrible formulas, and then there’s that stupid sizing system. If I want a “grande” that’s a “medium?!” How does that make sense? And how is a “tall” a “small?” It’s shorter than the other cups. And then there’s the “veinte,” which means “20,” referring the ounces; the other sizes don’t mention their respective number of ounces. I’ll take Caribou, thank you. Failing that, find yourself a local coffee shop and stick it to the man.

    As for the blueberry flavor, it’s quite tasty. Give it a try!

  9. I don’t prefer powdered coffee, but I’ve bought it in the past when a particular flavor was gone in liquid. Say what you want about the powdery kind, but the VanChiSpice I bought last year and forgot about in one of my filing cabinets at work….is still good (and over 3/4 full). w00t!

  10. I was afraid of that…..discontinued, huh? Happens all the time……find something you really like & it’s yanked from production. I’ll write Nestle’s a note, too. Of all the stuff they make – that was indeed my favorite. I was actually looking forward to this time of year so I could find it again. Who makes these decisions? That’s just crazy.

  11. I just this week found the Vanilla Chai Spice at a Lucky’s store in San Jose, CA. The expiration is in July, 2008, which leads me to believe it is new, not leftovers. So, it may be back. Good Luck!

  12. I just bought Vanilla Chai Spice at wal-mart today! I hadn’t seen it for a while and I figured it had been discontinued this is the first time I had seen it again. I don’t much like it in coffee but it it to die for in tea!

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