Posted by: Nathan | May 17, 2006

My Grade Scale

I’m sure most of you are not wondering about how my grade scale works. I give something a 5/10 and it gets a C? If only grade school were like that… Well, I invented a new grade scale for rating things, and so far I think it works great. Feel free to borrow it if you like, but remember, FIGHT GRADE INFLATION!!!

#/10 Grade
10.0 = A+
9.0-9.9 = A
8.5-8.9 = A-
8.0-8.4 = B+
7.0-7.9 = B
6.5-6.9 = B-
6.0-6.4 = C+
5.0-5.9 = C
4.5-4.9 = C-
4.0-4.4 = D+
3.0-3.9 = D
2.5-2.9 = D-
0-2.4 = F

I was disatisfied with stars, thumbs up or down, and whole numbers out of 5. I wanted range and accuracy with my grading because some things are definite Bs but aren’t as good as other Bs. I haven’t actually made sure my former posts square with this system as it’s been in the works for a while, but foregoing posts should reflect this scale.


  1. Thanks! I was wondering what was behind it all. This is excellent.

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