Posted by: Nathan | May 22, 2006

Look Who’s Number Ten and Ensuing Ramblings

ESPN’s college football expert Ivan Maisel came out with his preseason top twenty-five; check out who’s number 10! Not that it really matters; preseason rankings count about as much as my pregame gloating before I played softball on Friday. My stats: 1-2 with a K, 3 errors and a run scored. Yeah, I struck out in slow-pitch softball. Guh!

Anyway, back to the rankings. Looks like it’s going to be tough to take out Ohio State (my cousin will be happy), but I’m excited that some folks think the Hawkeyes will rebound from the disappointing year last year. Go Iowa! Only three more months until kickoff. It’ll be a long summer sports-wise unless the Cubs turn it around, and at least they nipped the White Sox yesterday. Hey, even a blind squirrel gets the grease some days, right?


  1. Let’s hope the pre-season hype for the Hawkeyes is more true to form than your pre-game softball hype. Though I’m sure you’ll improve as you keep playing 🙂

  2. Nathan I feel your pain about a long summer. At least I have two new stadiums to look forward to… Yet four years of complaining from those whom opposed the deals. As far as softball, I thought that I would be good at softball after all my years of baseball, but I am to impatient to wait for the pitch thus either fouling everything over the third base side of the field or missing completely.

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