Posted by: Nathan | May 26, 2006

Bienvenidos de Nuevo (Welcome Back)

Tengo dos amigos increíbles quien volverán a Iowa este fin de semana de su viaje a España, y por eso, este post es en la lengua bonita–español. De veras, tengo que decir que sí tengo los celos; me encantaría viajar a España, pero más importantemente, soy alegre que D&E tienen la oportunidad a ver parte de aquel país hermoso y celebrar su boda que fue en el noviembre pasado. Ojalá que su visite sea perfecto. J y yo somos emocionados a oír que hicieron ustedes, pero somos más emocionados a tenerles en el mismo país de nosotros otra vez. Rezábamos por ustedes todos los días este semana. Bienvenidos de nuevo.

I have two incredible friends who will return to Iowa this weekend from their trip to Spain, and for this reason, this post is in the beauitful language–Spanish. Truly, I have to say that I am jealous; I would love to travel to Spain, but more importantly, I’m happy that D&E have the opportunity to see part of that beautiful country and celebrate their wedding which was last November. I hope that your visit is perfect. J and I are excited to hear what you did, but we’re more excited to have you in the same country as us again. We’ve prayed for you guys every day this week. Welcome back.

Please pardon any errors those of you who know Spanish better than I do; I need more practice.


  1. Errors? Are you sure you didn’t just Babbelfish it? I wouldn’t know. I’d only call you out if it had been (or you claimed it was) Klingon.

    Welcome back D&E!!!

  2. I as well welcome the happy couple back to the states. I commend you for your effort to write the email in Spanish. I took Spanish in high school but have no clue what you said. Here’s to learning Russian!

  3. Babbelfish it indeed. Come now. I didn’t minor in Spanish for nothing. Next to nothing, maybe, but not nothing. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add French to my resumé soon. Dap to Peter for learning Russian.

  4. Bien, mis apologías por subestimarle tan. No sabía que usted minored en español. Soy absolutamente celoso, como mis dos años del alemán de la High School secundaria no me enseñaron nada.

  5. Great post! It’s a nice way to ease D&E back into the states after being (I assume) somewhat confused in a Spanish-speaking country.

  6. All I have to do is go to BabbleFish and translate everything, even though I took a little Spanish in High school as well. Here’s what Jason said, if you’re wondering…

    Well, my vindications to underestimate to him so. You did not know that minored in Spanish. I am absolutely jealous, as my two years of the German of the High secondary School did not teach anything to me.

  7. Fo’get Spanish, French, o’ Russian! Right on! I’m all about da damn JIBE Man! Right on!

    (In case you didn’t figure it out, JIBE is Jive)

  8. Nate, thanks for Babelfishing my Babelfish. It did lose something in the translations.

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