Posted by: Nathan | June 1, 2006

The Da Vinci Code Recap

I’ve already spent plenty of time and effort writing about The Da Vinci Code (read it here), but I ought to give it a brief review of the movie as the wife and I saw it on Memorial Day because we wanted to continue our trend of Ian McKellan-related movies (one, two, three). Really, there isn’t much to say about it as Ron Howard follows the book almost to the letter. There’s only one really significant difference and that is how Robert Langdon is portrayed. In the book, Langdon along with Sir Teabing professes belief in the Christ bloodline cover-up conspiracy theory; in the film, Langdon is far more skeptical, frequently inserting unknowns or inconvenient facts that Brown leaves out of his novel. I believe this was Howard’s attempt to address the storm of criticism the novel has incited.

The only thing that was really fun about the movie was the visuals. Reading the novel, one always wants to see said painting or said piece of architecture. The movie provides ample opportunities, and the film also has little clips for the relevant historical events, which I liked a good deal. Plus, it was fun to see a movie actually filmed in the Louvre (apparently they could only film on Tuesday nights and payed a ton to do so, but it turned out great).

Tom Hanks plays Langdon adequately, and Audrey Tatou does the same with Sophie. There’s not a lot of need for real acting in this one, but Hanks is always enjoyable (mullet aside), and Tatou is easy on the eyes.

I don’t think you have to go see this one in the theatre; rent it or go to the cheap seats. I’ll give it a 6.8/10 and a B-. Not bad, but not great, especially when you already know the story.


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