Posted by: Nathan | June 6, 2006


In her tireless search for good poetry, J stumbled across the other day and recommended it to me. It’s a pretty cool website. The site functions as a kind of poetry duel-ground. Two poets get the same paragraph as inspiration and then have 15 minutes to write a poem about it. Naturally, the idea paragraph is only a loose stepping-off point, and it’s pretty interesting to see the very different poems.

The best part of the website, and the most helpful for other poets, is that the site records the poets’ work as they type it in real time and then allows the visitor to watch the works being composed and then editted. It’s fascinating to watch certain words get replaced, paragraphs and linebreaks getting inserted, and ideas change as the time passes by. In the most recent version, watch U.S. poet-laureate Robert Pinsky throw down with Julianna Baggott (J likes Baggott’s poem* better; I beg to differ). This is the sort of thing the web should be used for; kudos to you, QuickMuse folks. Great site.

*Baggotts’ poem has profanity in it; just a heads-up.


  1. wow, that sounds really cool! i’m gonna have to check it out!

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