Posted by: Nathan | June 7, 2006

La Copa Mundial…The World Cup…La Coupe du Monde…

Because my esteemed colleague is also planning to post on the world’s biggest sporting even, I’ll try to keep my World Cup post brief, which shouldn’t be too hard since I haven’t to much to say about it except that I’m glad it’s here.

I don’t have any illusions that the World Cup means anything more transcendent than sports events usually mean, but what makes soccer’s big stage so significant is that it’s so big. As I find my attention drawn more overseas, what the international community finds intriguing also interests me. It’s fascinating that football (as soccer rightly should be called) is the sport the world finds irresistible without rival.

I can’t pretend to be a soccer aficiando, but it’s growing on me. Like hockey, the tallies mean a lot more in soccer than in sports like baseball, football (American), and especially basketball. Every goal in soccer requires an almost unbelievable effort–not one or two quick moves but five or six jukes and manouevres to even get a shot at a shot. The skill level on the display in the World Cup is astounding.

I hope to watch a few games (should I say “matches?”); I imagine I’ll tune in more as the games become more important. Naturally, I’ll root for us and probably England and the Aussies, but I must admit, I’m kinda going for France too. It’s hard not to start learning a language of somwhere and not partially adopt it as your own. Who am I rooting against? Easy: Brazil. They are the Yankees, USC, Tiger Woods, and Patriots rolled into one multigenerational football dynamo. Go rest of the world! Hope it’s a month of good games, sportmanship, and passion. Should be interesting.

As a side note, don’t you think the above logo is awful? What’s with all the random smileys?

Update: DJ Gallo of has a great column about the World Cup that is a great read (check it out here). Noteably (and hilariously), Gallo agrees with me about the logo. Here’s his take:

The World Cup logo is laughing at you.
Look at it. It doesn’t respect you. It thinks you’re stupid. It thinks you know nothing about soccer. The guy on the right is laughing so hard at you he has turned green and is about to throw up. The guy on the left has actually laughed himself to death. And all of their laughing has awakened the orange baby from a nap, and now it’s laughing at you, too. Are you going to just let them laugh at you like that? Do you have no self-respect? No dignity? I guess you don’t. You sicken me. You deserve the logo’s scorn.

LOL. Oh man.


  1. What a GREAT Page 2 column.

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