Posted by: Nathan | June 12, 2006

World Cupdate 12 June 2006

USA, Blown Away
We got our butts handed to us by the Czech Republic today in a 3-0 loss. The Czechs were the nation of domination without a doubt. I didn’t get to watch the match (stupid job!), but I did catch the final goal as Rosicky slid through our defense like a motorized knife cutting up the bird on Turkey Day; he broke away and banged the ball past our keeper. Our defense looked nonexistent. To our credit, the Czechs are super good, but so are the Italians, whom we play next. We need to get it together or Team USA can forget about the World Cup for another 4 years. On a more positive note, our uniforms were way cooler than theirs.

The Return of the Socceroos
The Aussies won 3-1 today over Japan, who had taken the early lead. Yay, Australia! I was rooting for y’all. I mean, who could root against a team that calls themselves the “socceroos?”

Italy also won
Read all about it.

Yesterday’s news

Dutch are Victorious
The Dutch took out Serbia and Montenegro yesterday 1-0, continuing their proud tradition of sporting bright orange. Represent, you guys! It’s pretty amazing that they beat both Serbia and Montenegro at the same time. I really don’t think it’s fair to pit two countries against one like that. Also, anybody know why Holland and The Netherlands didn’t make it to the World Cup?

Mexico Wakes Up
The Mexicans had a sweet starting goal but then settled into cruise control too early with Iran. The Iranians got the equalizer and played well into the second half, when Mexico scored twice in rapid succession and took the match. All of Mexico breathes one big sigh of relief.

This also happened
In a game that everyone’s calling “the match Nathan didn’t give two shakes of a lamb’s tail about,” Portugal beat Angola. Yes they did.
Onto more important matters…
My boy Paul Lukas has a column on’s Page 2 today breaking down all the uniforms of the World Cup. Here’s the link. In it, Paul slams Holland for wearing the orange for which I’ve just praised them, so to set matters straight, here is my World Cup’s Best Dressed list. I’ll leave out the links since the above link has all the pictures anyone could ever want, and I’m really the only one I know who cares about this at all.

1. Australia: Props for sporting colors that have nothing to do with your flag. Love the yellow and green unis and the navy away. Great stuff.

2. Mexico: These guys look great. Got to love the green and red theme–classic. Plus, check out the cool Aztec-themed graphics.

3. Ivory Coast: They make orange and green look good. Come to think of it, I don’t think there are any major US teams with an orange and green color scheme; who will right this wrong? You’ve also got to love the graphic elephant on the jersey–sweet.

4. USA: That’s right, we suck, but at least we look good doing it. Great looking navy and red home jerseys, and the vertical striped whites also lookin’ smooth.

5. Argentina: Kyle’s boys are throwing down in baby blue and white vertical stripes. I love that.

6. Netherlands: Love that eye-blinding orange. Too bad the aways are so dull.

7. Croatia: Red and white checks!? Awesome! Too bad the backs of the jerseys aren’t also checked–that’s what dropped them so far down the list.

8. Sweden: Yellow and blue. Very nice and classy.

9. Spain: I like the yellow pinstripes on red.

10. Angola: Very nice horizontal stripe action.

Update: I dropped England from the top 10 because I remembered Angola’s good-looking jerseys.


  1. The Argentine road navys are even more impressive. If you have the chance, go to and watch some of the Ronaldhino clips. Or go to and search Ronaldhino. He has SICK skills with a futbol.

  2. Team USA was terrible. They had one or two scoring chances the entire game, and even those were sub-par. Agreed on Sweden’s classy Jersey’s but bad opening round tie.
    Here is my question: If Italy’s colors are red, white, and green, why are their jersey’s blue?

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