Posted by: Nathan | June 13, 2006

My New Specs

Here’s the much anticipated picture of yours truly sporting my new glasses. What do you think?


  1. You look kind of suspicious. The glasses look great!

  2. Suspicious of my good looks maybe…

  3. I like these very much. I, in fact, just got my new glasses today as well. I don’t have a fancy shot of them on me, but here’s a stock photograph. Similar to yours. Excellent taste and style, Sir.

  4. Nice specs… What book is that you are contemplating over?

  5. My guess: ‘Crime & Punishment’

  6. Kyle’s right: C&P, which is quite good, by the way. Hope it gets even better. Kyle, i just finished section 2, and the love story between Razumikhin and Dunya is just getting going. It’ll be interesting to see how that unfolds…

  7. Wow… Looking good! I think you need to post your yearbook picture from freshman year of high school, just to show us the difference glasses can make!

  8. Your wife has impeccable taste in men’s glasses.

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