Posted by: Nathan | June 14, 2006

World Cupdate 14 June 2006

Kyle has been all over the World Cup like me on a free buffet, but here’s my World Cupdate:

Polish Pain is German Gain
No, we’re not talking about WWII here, we’re addressing Germany’s 1-0 victory over the Poles in what has to be a heart-rending match for the Polish. Poland held Germany’s high-octane offense scoreless even when they went down a man in the second half all the way into stoppage time when Neuville slipped one past the keeper. Germany probably deserved this one–they had 23 shots for heaven’s sake. Still, one can’t help but feel bad for Poland with another crushing defeat. Germany’s pretty much assured itself of a birth into the elimination round.

Spain is victorious
Lots of people have been down on Spain in the World Cup, but their 4-0 whupping of Ukraine (sorry, Pop) shows that they’re bringing it this year. ¡Viva, España!

Tunisia strikes back
The Tunisians scored the equalizing goal in penalty time to stun Saudi Arabia 2-2. Now that’s what the World Cup is all about.

Yesterday’s News

Brazil won
That’s a big surprise…actually that the score was only 1-0 says a lot about Croatia’s heart and readiness to play. But what do you expect from a team clad in sylish checks (Note: not Czechs nor their goalie Peter Cech)?

South Korea beats Togo
And they ordered that win “to go”… Rimshot, please!

Frenchies lay another egg
Kyle stole my line on this one about the Swiss and neutrality, but Les Bleus had better pull it together. Better team play is needed there. A 0-0 tie continued France’s goal drought. Vive la France!

Now a couple of soccer-related questions
1. What’s with the expression “leave it late?” I mean, it clearly refers to a late goal in a match, but the “leaving it” part confuses me.

2. What is a cap? Everyone’s always talking about how so-and-so has 41 caps and that’s the best ever, etc. Anybody know? Justin? Kyle? A little help here?


  1. Google ‘soccer terminology’ and go to the first hit. A player’s ‘caps’ references how many games he has played for his country in international competition. My guess is that ‘leave it late’ means to sort of lay off in the late going of the game (cf. Spain v. Ukraine). Take them for what they’re worth, but these are my guesses.

  2. Also, per your comment about stealing your neutrality line, I think it is yet another piece of evidence that we are nearly the same person. Spooky.

  3. Last comment on this thread, I promise. My theory on ‘leave it late’ is totally bogus. Oops.

  4. Yeah, I realized you were incorrect about the “leave it late” thing, but I didn’t want to be rude. Thanks for the knowledge about caps.

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