Posted by: Nathan | June 20, 2006

Door County

I’ve just returned from a few days with my Mom’s side of the family in the pinky finger of Wisconsin–quaint, lovely Door County. This reunion is something that our family does biannually, and it’s always a great time. J and I are blessed beyond blessed to have an amazing extended family who are all believers, so whenever we get together, it’s an fun and uplifting time.

I’ll spare you the details of all the things we did, but here’s a short list: paddleboating at Peninsula State Park, ice cream at Wilson’s (of course), kayaking at Europe Lake, shopping in Fish Creek, fireworks at Ephraim (the Fyr Ball festival!), mini golfing at Pirate’s Cove (my little brother beat me again, and my sister did too this time), and hours and hours of great chats and laughter. We were more active this time in my recollection, but we also made lots of time for relaxation and good eats.

Door County as a location is a pretty decent place to have a family get-together. I admit that I didn’t enjoy the quaintness of the place until this last trip, but the peninsula is growing on me. There are lots of great places to catch a sunset, plop in a kayak, or just sit and watch the water. Also, there are plenty of small shops (read: no Target or Wal-Mart to be found) to poke around in and enjoy. It’s quiet (in June anyway) and a good mixture of available activities and slow pace. All told, it’s a good place to be.

What makes Door County extra special is the people we go with. The extended family to a person is loving, funny, and caring. The mutual love and genuine care is apparent from the opening hugs to the closing hugs. We tease, laugh, discuss, exercise, drive, play games, and relax together. Additionally, this was the first time that J came to the reunion as an in-law, but already she was welcomed and treated like a life-long family member. Thanks for being amazing friends and relatives, you guys. J and I are truly blessed to call you all our relatives. We love you.

Pictures: T0p: Sunset at Sister Bay
Side: Arrr, Pirate’s Cove.


  1. Glad you had such a great time!

  2. Everything you said was true, but there is one thing you didn’t say… You were also beaten at Pirates Cove by your loving dad!

    Your Loving Dad :^)x

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun. Al, of course you beat Nathan! We all know about your mad golf skills…

  4. Or my complete lack of mad golf skills…

  5. But who knew about my mad mini golf skills?! Not even me! I even surprised myself…maybe I was the dark horse rising over the last few years. Justin, you’re in my sights.

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