Posted by: Nathan | June 22, 2006

World Cupdate 22 June 2006

The US blew their slim chance to advance into the round of 16 today as they fell to Ghana 2-1. With the win, the Ghanans advanced as Italy did their part in beating Czech Republic. You’ve got to feel pretty good for the African team–this has to be the biggest day in their recent history, beating the hegemon of the world in a soccer match on the world’s biggest stage. I’d feel ever better for them if their game-winning goal didn’t come on a controversial penalty kick or if they didn’t spend most of the second half on their backs feigning injuries to waste time. In any case, I’m just as disappointed in the US. Once again, we’ve shown nothing to the world in the World Cup. Sure, it’s “only soccer,” but I wish we would’ve done better. We had a talented team that did not come to play. I guarantee the U.S. won’t get better in the World Cup as long as soccer maintains its low status in this country.

Thanks but No Thanks
Italy did us a favor by beating the Czechs today 2-0, but we didn’t bother to win. The Czechs must be up in arms after beating us soundly in their opening match and then dropping their last two and failing to advance. Ah well. C’est la vie, as Kyle would say. Italy will face…

The Socceroos!
Australia advanced into the knockout round after tying Croatia and their nifty checkered unis 2-2. The Aussies came from behind twice. All I can say is, “DAP to you, mates.”

Oh, Ronaldo
Better late than never: Ronaldo, the chubby forward for Brazil, finally showed up and put two in the net as Brazil topped Japan in a stunning 4-1 upset…err, never mind. Brazil can take the cup, but I’m thinking either Argentina or host Germany. We’ll see.

*I made up this title before reading ESPN’s article on the same match entitled “Going, Going, Ghana,” I promise. I don’t need the four-letter network’s wittyness to come up with sweet titles, believe you me.


  1. That call on Gooch was crap! They still didn’t play very well.

  2. Okay, after seeing the highlights, it was a crappy call. Clearly, the refs hate the U.S. and have gone out of their way to prove it in the World Cup. Ghana would not have gotten that winning goal w/o the refs. Penalty Kick, my butt! And don’t get me started on the atrociuos, pathetic, inexcusably awful “refereeing” that happened in the 1-1 tie with Italy. I hope that guy gets suspended from reffing soccer ever again at any level. Friggin’ world referees.

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