Posted by: Nathan | June 23, 2006

Au Revoir, Minnesota

Continuing in Kyle’s fine example* of apostrophe, I now bid goodbye to the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes.


I came to you almost five years ago now with high hopes. I was going to college. I had been to visit you already, hanging out with my grandparents in Lake City, and I loved your mild summers and abundant lakes. I thought maybe you would be my home, but now I’m leaving you, probably for good.

It’s not that you’re all bad–really, you’re not. I liked a lot of things about you: the fun activities in the Twin Cities, Lake Superior, the Guthrie, Lake Pepin, the Boundary Waters, various stores in the area, and most importantly Bethel University. However, what I liked best about you was the people whom I met while living here. Now most of those people are gone, and J and I are done with school. It’s time for us to go.

We knew about three years ago that you wouldn’t be our permanent home. It was just something that was obvious. Maybe it was the horrid drivers, the unhomey atmosphere, the lack of scenery (in my area anyway), the fake niceness of the residents, the ridiculously long and cold winters (I won’t say I wasn’t warned), or a sense of restlessness. I know it had to do with the fact that you’re located in the Midwest. Yeah, the Midwest is the best part of the country, but it’s the only region J and I have called home. We want something new and different; we want something more than you can give.

As I’ve said before, there is power in places. Minnesota, you don’t wield too much power over me. I’ll always remember the fun times: hiking, water-skiing, seeing Return of the King, graduating, but mainly just hanging out with my friends–you were always a good backdrop for the action of my life. But God has called us elsewhere, and J and I are really overjoyed to leave you. You’re old hat. You’ve lost luster. We just need something different–the Rocky Mountains sound inticing…

I’m just starting to learn French (kinda), and I recently learned that voir is “to see.” The prefix “re” means the same in French (and for that matter Spanish) as it does in English: “again.” So, Minnesota, I bid you au revoir because I know I’ll see you again. Hopefully, I’ll never live here again, but who knows what God has planned or what he will use for his glory?

J and I leave with no regrets. When we drive down 35W next Friday and see Minneapolis in our rearview, it will be somewhat bittersweet because familiarity is always easiest, but it won’t be sad. I wish you well, Minnesota, though I’ll never really pay attention to you much anymore. Au revoir.

*I refer here to Kyle’s letter to New York City, which is most of the way down the page at this link.


  1. Haha, I like your tribute to Minnesota. Quite appropriate. Minnesota is doable, but trust me, it in no way compares to the Rocky Mountains!
    We will be sad to see you go, but I don’t blame you at all. Fun times, but there are friendlier climates and the like.
    I’ll stay in touch!

  2. Great post.

  3. Sometimes I wonder if it takes the leaving to realize what you always loved about the familiar – I’m excited for you and your future, but also to hear the ways the mountains will change the way you feel about the lands by the Mississippi. Very fun post.

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