Posted by: Nathan | June 24, 2006

Just Plain Ol’ Ducks with New Unis

I had already typed a really long post about the Anaheim Mighty Ducks ditching the preceding adjective, changing their name to just “Ducks” and getting new uniforms, but then my internet decided not to work. I guess it’s just God’s way of telling me not to be long-winded. So here’s a shortened version.

The name change is fine, but the new logo isn’t. I give props for the webbed “D,” but just writing the word “Ducks” on your jerseys is really boring. I feel like there are a lot of better alternatives for a logo here, including a mallard head or maybe a cartoony duck with a hockey stick.

The uniforms are disappointing overall, the biggest problem (logo aside) is the presence of black. Every freakin’ team now feels like it needs to have black as a part of their uniforms regardless of what other colors they have (Oregon is a great example…(shudder), they make Nate‘s favorite Seahawks jerseys look fabulous). Black is boring. Show me OTHER COLORS, for crying out loud! I do like the shiny gold and orange look though; DAP to that.

If you want much more on the changes, ESPN’s article is here, and my boy Paul Lukas’ critique is here. Hat tip to Kyle for telling me about the uni change.


  1. An entire blog dedicated to ‘athletic aesthetics’? Great!

  2. Let Emilio Estevez coach, and I’ll start following the Ducks no matter what their ugly uniforms look like.

  3. That is a fantastic idea.

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