Posted by: Nathan | June 26, 2006

World Cupdate 26 June 2006

Lots to cover, as we move from the opening round to the elimination round.

From today

The Ukrainians did in the Swiss today by a score of 0-0. No, that’s no typo; it took penalty kicks to decide this one. I watched the gamecast of it, and the announcer guy was saying things like, “Well, let’s be honest…this was a real stinker,” and “Italy must be quaking in their boots for the winner of this match.” Lol. Congrats to my Dad’s boys for the lame win.

More Controvery boosts Italy
In YET ANOTHER controversial, game-altering call, my Socceroos were undone. In the 93rd minute, the ref called for a penalty kick after an Italian flopped in the box. Totti punched it in, and Italy advanced. Unbelievable.


England Wins, but is still Dull
David Beckham free-kicked in the only goal of the match, and that’s about all he did–or any of the highly-touted English team for that matter. Still, as they say, “scoreboard.” The English advanced 1-0.

No More Neon Orange
In a dark day for uniform orginality, the Dutch lost to Portugal 1-0 in a very dirty match by all accounts. As Kyle noted, 16 yellow cards were handed out. Crazy. I’ll miss those vibrant orange unis though.


More German Domination
Caught this match, and the Germans cruised 2-0. Klose is incredible and set up both goals. The Germans look tough to beat, but they have yet to play a really high-caliber team.

Someone had to lose
In the best-dressed match of the World Cup thus far, vertically baby-blue striped Argentina beat classy-looking green and white Mexico 2-1. This one went into extra frames before Argentina won on the goal of the Cup so far. If you haven’t seen it, go to and watch the highlights. On a cross, Rodriguez takes it off his chest, kicks it in midair into the far right corner of the net. Sensational.

UPDATE: Looks like I was using hyperbole when i said that the Netherlands/Portugal match was a “dirty game by all accounts.” Norman Hubbard with ESPN disagrees in an interesting article on the World Cup reffing, and he even defends the ref in the US/Italy debacle. Check it out!

And, I must take the many English-speaking World Cup journalists to task for their complete disregard for grammatcial agreement! How many times have I run into sentences like, “Italy are getting tired,” “England are playing to tie,” or Germany are looking sharp.” WAAAAAUGH!! If we refer to a collective noun (like a country name), we must use “is!!!” Do I say, “The U.S. are a great place to live,” or “Those players is ugly?” NO!!! AGREEMENT!!


  1. The England team plays a style of football that is so very British. I would liken it to a conversation with an Oxford don–s/he will wow you by the end, but it’ll be long and, at times, boring.

  2. Beckham’s free kick was amazing (those guys were 7 yards ahead of him, he bends it OVER them as they’re jumping, and then all the way back down to the lower 90 on the inside post…that’s why they keep him around), but you’re right, not as good as Rodriguez’s “goal of a lifetime” as one commentator said. One of my favorite things of the weekend, though, was watching Germany’s Michael Ballack get shot after shot that was either saved or barely missed the goal and then get extremely angry that he was foiled again. He had 8 shots! no goals. Germany looks really good. – justin

  3. Both goals were amazing, especially Rodriguez’s. It just bothers me that they keep Beckham around only for free kicks–I’d like to see more out of England’s forwards. Ballack’s failings to score were quite funny.

  4. If the Ukranians’ win was “lame”, then by definition so was that closing championship game (last time around?) when the final score was nil-nil and one team got one more PK in the net out of five than the other team. Besides, at least the Ukranians got 3 more PKs in than their opponents (who got zero). I’m sure they earned every bit of their £4.4 million bonus. 🙂 Go Ukranians! Dad :^)x

  5. Pop, I wasn’t referring to the fact that there was no score because we all know that some of the best played games are scoreless. Rather, I referred to the lackluster play on both sides. Not many shots, not a lot of action, plenty of fouls = lame win. Props to their penalty kicking, though I’d sooner say that Ukraine did well in the PKs and the Swiss did horribly. Switzerland, you’ve gotta net ONE with lots of shots from 10 yards away. Guh.

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