Posted by: Nathan | July 1, 2006

World Cupdate 1 July 2006

We’re down to the final four.

Down goes Brazil
France played out of their minds today and took down heavily-favored Brazil 1-0. This of couse makes me happy; as I’ve said from the beginning, anybody but Brazil! What was truly surprising was how poorly the Brazilians played. Averaging nine shots on goal per match going into this contest, Brazil managed one againt Les Bleus. Henry’s goal was a beautiful one, and it was a dominating performance. See ya, Brazil.

Portugal in PKs
England’s poor play finally caught up with them as Portugal eliminated them today 0-0 (3-1 in PKs). The English played quite heroically in the second half, and they had to due to the idiocy of their striker Rooney; Rooney stepped on a Portugese player’s groin and drew a red card, which left England down a man for the remainder of the game. Beckham had left earlier with an injury (or so it seemed), so England resorted to their lesser-knowns to finish the match. Despite England’s mistakes, Portugal wasn’t eager to take advantage; both sides looked sluggish and there wasn’t much action through overtime. The story of the PKs was Portugal’s keeper Ricardo: he guessed right on all of England’s kicks, saving three and propelling the Portugese into the final four.


The Home Team Marches On
I knew I was going to be sad about missing the Germany v. Argentina game, and I was right. It turned out to be an amazing match in which the Germans prevailed in penalties 1-1 (4-2). The Argentinians led most of the way, but Klose tied it up on an incredible cross and header to send it into OT. Once it got into the PKs, it was all Germany. The hosts went 4-4 in attempts and their keeper saved two to down Kyle’s boys. Sorry, Kyle.

The Ukraine was Weak
Italy finally sent the Ukrainians and their ugly jerseys packing in a 3-0 blowout. I expected Italy to dominate because Ukraine never showed me anything and really should be grateful that they made it to the round of eight. The Italians move on in what should be a great game against Germany.

So, it’s Germany v. Italy on Tuesday and Portugal v. France on Wednesday. I’ll pick Germany 3-1 and France 1-1 (they’ll win in PKs), then Germany to take it all. I guess we’ll see. Posts on other topics soon, since the move is OVER (for now), praise God!!!!


  1. The Argentina game was a heartbreaker. It was a good (but not great) game to watch, though. Both teams played well. I can’t understand why Peckerman didn’t put in Messi or Saviola (two unbelievable strikers) instead of Cruz. Oh well.

    The England game was a good one, too. I can’t imagine Beckham getting another World Cup cap. Rooney cost them the game. Period.

    I didn’t watch much of the first half of Brazil-France, but the second half was the most riveting sporting event I have ever seen. Bar none. The Zidane-to-Henry goal was magnifique! And after that, rather than sit back and play defensively, they continued to take it to Brazil. They flat outplayed them.

    I must say that I feel bad for the players on the losing teams, as they put so much energy and emotion into the games.

    I’m fallling hard for soccer, man.

  2. I feel ya there, Kyle, but it’s not like I’m really going to be able to still be interested after the World Cup. MLS just doesn’t appeal to me. So, it’ll be four years between soccer love for me, most likely.–>

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