Posted by: Nathan | July 5, 2006

World Cupdate 5 July 2006

The Final is set, and it’s all blue: Italy (Azzurri) v. France (Les Bleus).

Zidane’s PK Stands Up
Looked to me like Henry took a dive in the box to set up Zidane’s penalty kick goal–the only one of the match, but it’s hard to argue with the result as it was enough to propel France into the World Cup Final. Portugal looked like they had their chances, but they just couldn’t make it happen. If France played anything like they did against Brazil, Portugal probably didn’t have too many chances, although the free kick at the end almost made it happen. Great run for the Portugese, but I’m glad Les Bleus are into the final seeking their second trophy.

Germany’s Dream Falls Short Against Italy
I watched the Germany/Italy match on the Fourth, and it was a goodie. The defenses were stout during regulation time with only a couple of really decent chances each. The Germans had at least a couple of shots that should’ve been goals–Podolski had a lot of good chances. But in the overtime, it was Italy who had more stamina and finesse. The Azzurri hit the crossbar and the post before putting in a curling kick from the right in the penultimate minute before penalty kicks. The next minute, due to Germany’s need for the equalizer pressing all their men forward, the Italians netted a second to ice it.

So the Italians ruined my prediction of a German victory. I’ll take Italy for their fourth star in the final on Sunday (my 1st anniversary–maybe I’ll tape it), but I’ll be rooting for Les Bleus.

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