Posted by: Nathan | July 13, 2006

Stay or Leave? (For Nate)

Somebody‘s been noticing (**cough…complaining…cough cough**) that my posts have been running long lately and not everyone likes the World Cup, which is hands-down, no-question-about-it, the most important sporting event in the world. So, today I submit a poll about a more American-based sport: baseball.

Dusty Baker: Should he stay or get fired? Why or why not?

Use the “comments” button and submit your comments/opinions/diatribes. You can also check out Gene Wojciechowski’s column about it if you like. I’ll put in my two cents later. Go to town!


  1. Get him out of there! Someone has to be held responsible for the team’s dreadful season. It is the coach’s responsibiity to make sure the players play up to their potential, play fundamental ball, and the manager must make good game decisions. Baker, in my opinion, has failed on all three counts – get him outta there!

  2. Yes, he should be fired. But more than Baker, I think the Tribune Co. needs to take a good hard look at what they want out of the Cubs and how they want to run the team. They can’t keep putting out mediocre teams. The fans will flock to Wrigley for only so long if they continue to rely on Prior/Wood and build the team around one or both of those pitchers. I’d say they need to just blow the team up Marlins style next season. Keep perhaps 6 of the current players, but that’s it. Manager and GM both outta here!

  3. Keep him in there! The Cubs will always suck, and he seems up to the task of keeping them on course!

  4. Well, I think you know what I’m going to say. I haven’t liked Baker from the beginning. Jim Hendry, on the other hand, wanted Baker while he was still in SF. Why were the Giants so willing to get rid of him before his contract expired? HE’S A TERRIBLE MANAGER!! The reason the Giants made it to the World Series is because they were riding a juiced Barry Bonds. I think Dusty said to himself “This is a perfect situation, since I have another juiced player (Sosa) they’ll still think I’m a good manager” Gig’s up Dusty!! Without a Bonds or Sosa, YOU’RE NOTHING!!

    Is Hendry going to get rid of him? No. He still thinks that Dusty is a good manager. He’s listening to the players and not the fans. The players like him. Listen Mr. Hendry, Dusty is a player’s manager, OF COURSE THE PLAYERS WANT HIM THERE, because they have it easy. If Hendry doesn’t listen to the fans, the record crowds are going to become a thing of the past.

    What will happen is this. Kerry Wood is gone after this season, Juan Pierre is gone after this season, Jacque Jones is gone after this season, Todd Walker is gone after this season. Dusty Baker remains a Cub. urg, wonder why I don’t want anything to do with the Cubs? I was kidding, Dusty will be gone after the season, but not before then.

    Oh no, I’m turning into Nathan (writing long things).

  5. I never read Nate’s comments. They’re too long.

  6. LOL

  7. Thanks for all of your comments, everybody. Small amount of typing yields many comments. Nice.

    I will echo Dan, PK, and Nate and vote that Baker be shown the door, though I prefer to wait until the end of the year as that is always a classy way to fire someone. The Cubs are underachieving and have been for years; they need a manager who will encourage them and push them to better things.

    I fear that we nutty Cubs fans will flock to Wrigley forever regardless of the suckiness of the team. We should boycott games until they get better.

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