Posted by: Nathan | July 15, 2006

C’est Délicieux

The other day, J and I had the pleasure of eating lunch at the Croissant du Jour, a French-style restaurant in Cedar Rapids. It was delicious! I ate a tasty and reasonably priced lunch combo of Le Club sandwich (turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a croissant) and Lobster Bisque soup. The croissant was light and flaky (just how you want a croissant to be), and the club was as good as anything at Panera.

The bisque may be the best soup I’ve ever tasted: it was reminiscent of the Soup Nazi’s soups from Seinfeld: you have to sit down to eat it. It was flavorful without being overpowering, and the lobster pieces and broth were both amazing. J doesn’t like soup, and she loved it.

With my meal I drank a mocha latte, and it was amazing. It had an excellent balance of coffee and chocolate, which is easy to mess up in a mocha, but what made it truly incredible was its lightness. Most mochas I’ve had are sweet and heavy; this mocha wasn’t filling at all, and it didn’t sacrifice any chocolatey goodness.

I highly recommend this restaurant as an ideal lunch or breakfast stop. I failed to check the breakfast menu, so I don’t know what they serve, but I bet they have crepes. The lunch menu was great and reasonable (my soup and half sandwich was $5.50). Additionally, Croissant du Jour serves coffee drinks, ice cream and desserts. It’s a small business run by a French native; she’s a really nice lady. I always prefer giving my money to small businesses than to chain stores. If you’re in the Cedar Rapids area, stop by sometime.


  1. I’m so glad you wrote this review. It’s kind of sad that I only live a block away from this apparently excellent establishment, and have never tried it. JL and I have walked or drove past hundreds of times and talked about how we should try it sometime. Now, we’ll be sure to very soon. Thanks again!

  2. Good review! This place sounds great. Elissa and I can’t wait to try it out!

  3. Hmm.. I wonder who wrote that last comment? Someone else better not be taking my wife to dinner!

  4. I’d normally guess it was you Dan, but last time I checked you were very outspoken about never wanting to go to Croissant du Jour. Something about not liking it sharing a strip mall with a hardware store…

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