Posted by: Nathan | July 20, 2006

Worst Unis Ever

My boy Paul Lukas is at it again in his Uni Watch column. This time, he breaks down the worst 10 uniforms in sports history. A great read. I would add that I was surprised to see the Hornets old uniforms on there; I don’t think the purple and teal is so bad. Sure, it’s wussy and girly, but it doesn’t look bad. Those jerseys do resemble pajamas, however. I also forgot about how dreadful the light-blue-wave-crashing-into-neon-lights Cavs jerseys were. Ugh.


  1. The uniform that Antoine Walker is wearing in one of the links (silver sheen) is by far the ugliest ever. Bar none. Sticking to regular unis, though, I’d have to go with the Wes Unseld-era Bullets (or as Mr. Tony would say, Boo-lay). They are the most unflattering uniforms ever created, in my opinion. In your opinion, within Paul Lukas’ parameters, what are the worst unis in each of the four major sports? I’ll ruminate.

  2. Of all the uni pictures in Lukas’ column, the Southern California Sun (football) is by far the worst regular uniform. Magenta and bright orange is like wearing dark brown shoes with black pants. (Shudder)

    At any rate, here are my picks for the worst in each major sport:

    NBA: the afformentioned Bullets (Blech!)

    NFL: Seattle Seahawks pre-2002. (For some reason, NFL uniforms are generally more palatable. The Seahawks have churned out some duds. On principle, as a Vikings fan, I’d also pull for the Packers.)

    MLB: Houston Astros 1975-79 (Horizontal stripes don’t work. Period.)

    NHL: Vancouver Canucks 1978-85 (In contention for the worst ever. The ‘V’ stripe is hideous.)

    On a related note, did you see the Milwaukee Bucks new colors? Red and green–that’s original. What a load of crap.

  3. Well, PK, this is going to be hard for me to say. So, i’m going to instead list my least favorite uniforms as they come to mind now knowing that i’m forgetting some whoppers.

    NFL–Seahawks (current). ‘nough said already on these bad boys.

    MLB–I’d side with you on the 70’s Astros “tequila sunrise” duds. Eww. Honorable mention in this category goes to the Mets (current). Get that black OUTTA THERE NOW!! And the batting helmets are vomit-inducing. What’s so wrong about just orange and blue? Looks classy and great.

    NHL–hard to be the “V” jerseys, but the Islanders’s shirts that Lukas mentions are right up there. Yech. Also, I never much cared for the Lightning’s unis, especially when they had the rain and lightning alternate jersey.

    NBA–Lots of duds here. The Warriors with that stupid masked guy were hideous. The Rockets of the late 90s with the pajama pinstripes and the smiling rocket were disgusting too.

    that’s all i got.

  4. I forgot to mention Oregon’s crimes against humanity currently being perpetrated. Nike should be shot. Ditto the horrendous trend of the mismatched sleeve in college football last year (cf. Florida, Va. Tech, etc.).

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