Posted by: Nathan | July 27, 2006

“Some People Think our State is Square…

They’re wrong, just wait and see.
I walk a mile high,
Colorado’s right for me!” –Five Iron Frenzy, “You Probably Shouldn’t Move Here”

Thus far, Colorado’s right for J and me as well, and we followed the spirit of the above Five Iron Frenzy song and ignored its title.

The wife and I arrived in Colorado on Tuesday, and it’s been a busy few days getting our apartment together, dropping off the Uhaul trailer (worked pretty well, although it was slow going on our trip), unpacking, cleaning, calling places, getting lost, etc. Overall, we love it here so far.

The mountains keep getting my attention. We can see them from out our kitchen window and our bedroom window upstairs. Yep, that’s right: we’ve got mountain views at our new place. Frequenly, we’ll be driving somewhere, round a bend and wham: the Rockies are everywhere along the horizon. I keep forgetting they’re there. Plus, the Rockies have been playing coy with us over the first few days; storms and clouds keep shrouding the peaks, but our glimpses of mountains have been glorious.

The townhouse we live in is a definite step up from our former abode in Mounds View. Technically, it’s got fewer square feet, but it has an upstairs (from which I’m typing this), wood floors, fireplace, tiny backyard (we’ll take it), shed, three skylights, balcony (of questionable structural integrity), washer and dryer, dishwasher, and a great kitchen. We love it. Pictures are forthcoming; we’ll shoot the pics as soon as things are in some semblance of order.

My Mom and Dad helped us out immensely by agreeing to tow all of our worldly possessions behind them across three states and helping us load and unload. Thanks, you guys. Also, many more thank yous to the folks who assisted in our move and any stage: Nate, Dan, E, Karen, Justin, J’s mom and dad, my folks, J’s brother, and her grandma. Also, thanks to you who have been praying for us; we really appreciate it!

I’ve plenty more to say about life out here, so look for future posts. I feel a rant coming up about King Soopers…grrr. If you’re looking for things to pray about, J has two job interviews Monday, I have yet to start my job, my classes start in September, and we can always use just general prayers. Know that we’re praying for you too, dear reader*. Hello, Colorado!

*Unless we don’t know you; then, I guess, we pray for you in general from time to time.

Photo: the Rockies from our bedroom window. Seriously.


  1. Wow, everything sounds fantastic! I’m so glad the move went well and that the place turned out so nicely. We’ll definately be praying for the interviews and your new job. Can’t wait to see more pictures!

  2. Your place sounds great, and the view obviously is. We’ll be praying about the interviews, upcoming job, and general settling in. Looking forward to more pics and more posts.

  3. That view is incredible! We’re so glad that you guys are getting more established. Also, the FIF song is one of their best.

  4. Such a view! Very inspiring. Hopefully it will give you something to look at as you read and write your way through grad school. Looking forward to seeing more.

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