Posted by: Nathan | July 31, 2006

So Far, So Bad

If WordPress were a person, I’d punch squi. It took me forever to make my humble picture post about my new place, and I found the photo posting process arduous and clumsy. Additionally, WordPress froze my pc twice in the process, the second time forcing a hard reset. Not the way to win the customers over, WordPress. Screw you, for now.



  1. Yipes! That sounds unpleasant.

    A note of advice (especially if you ever plan to have someone with dial-up or an especially old/slow computer check out your picture post):

    Get a free image editor like and resize those bad boys to a more manageable size (like 350 pixels wide). Then when you Save As, it’ll give you a slider to choose how much compression you use (such as under 30kb or even 20kb when possible).

    I don’t know how Blogger dealt with those big pictures, but I think will be less likely to crash your browser if you use smaller, more compressed versions in the post editor.

    Didn’t mean to sound preachy, just trying to help you be happy! 😉

  2. Yeah, I was thinking the immense size of the pics wasn’t helping. Thanks for the help as always.

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