Posted by: Nathan | July 31, 2006

The Aforementioned Picture Post

To test out WordPress, I posted a bunch of pictures of our new Townhome. Sure, it took forever and I was smacking my desk and chucking soft things around the room before it was over, but I hope the photos make it worth it for all y’all who can’t come see us just yet. Check it out! And don’t change your links just yet. WordPress and I have yet to make friends.


  1. Amazing! Your house is beautiful! I especially love the kitchen (huge!), and the fire place! I’m shocked to see everything set up – I should have known with you two. Congratulations on a wonderful home; I hope you find it a place of rest and peace the entire time your there!

  2. the place looks sweet, man. I’m extremely jealous of life in CO…you should check this out, though, it’s amazing.

    this video is nice too

    thanks for the b-day gift too, any news about jen’s interviews? that situation will be in my prayers, talk to you soon – justin

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