Posted by: Nathan | July 31, 2006

The New Place

**UPDATE**: I shrunkerized my pictures so WordPress would be nice to me, and it worked, though not without locking up my browser once more. Anyhoo, I also added a picture on the staircase.

Here are the promised pictures of our new townhouse out here in beautiful, moutainous, and hot (!) Aurora, CO.


This is the view upon entering our townhouse looking to the left. Notice the lack of couch. Hopefully, we’ll be remedying that soon…



Here are the chairs with a better fireplace view. Nice.






Now we’ve turned around and are facing the front door, living room on right.




Our beautiful kitchen. Ooh la la! The screen door to our backyard is left of the fridge, as is the dining room. Segue…





Table. Chairs. Yep, it’s the dining room with ascending staircase behind. Kitchen is now behind us with screen door on right.




Upper staircase looking at landing from top of stairs.



**UPDATE: On the landing facing west.**




Study (other bedroom). This handsome fella is on the right after you come up the stairs.




Study again.




Other wall of the study.




Arguably the most important room of the house.




The master bedroom a.k.a. the only air conditioned room.




Other side of the bedroom. Here you can kinda see the sweet vaulted ceilings.



And the the other night, God was showing off:

Yep, it’s a rough life.

If you’re reading this, most likely J and I want you to feel free to visit sometime. If you’re one of those strangers, stay the heck away!



  1. Wow – these pictures are amazing! What a beautiful place! I guess E and I’ll have to visit sometime πŸ™‚

  2. Don’t feel the pressure of the mass exodus. Also, the archives are easily switched (comments and all). The “new” site looks great. So do your pictures!

  3. Is that an Iowa license plate on the wall of your study? With such a classy plate – it’s practically a work of art!

  4. J’s narrated movie tour of your new place came out pretty well. She saw it on the camera before Mom and I left for home. There’s at least one item you can see that isn’t shown in your slideshow — the neat skylight in each upstairs room. I will find a way to get you that .MOV file so you can see it also.

  5. Looks great, Nathan and Jen! I’m so excited for you both to have a great place…and with a view that’s incredible. πŸ™‚ A visit will definitely be in order — and it might turn into an entire vacation for us, considering the gorgeous location!

  6. P.S. I’m super-jealous of your kitchen…

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