Posted by: Nathan | July 31, 2006

What’s so Great about WordPress?

Recently, people I know have been ditching Blogger like a bad habit that doesn’t involve nicotene (one, two). This made me curious, so I signed myself up for a WordPress blog (check it out here). Here’s my question, especially directed to Dan, Nate and Jason: What’s so great about WordPress? Or, even more specific, what’s so much better about WordPress that I should make the switch?

I’m concerned about shifting all of my archives over. Yes, I think it would rock to be able to categorize them, but how do I get them all over there in a timely and easy manner? I was also not a fan of the insert photo function while composing; it asks for a url, but I prefer to upload my pics from hard disc. Any way around that? Also, how did you guys add a tab (I think they call it a page)? I added one, but it didn’t show up on the main page.

I must say, I don’t think the themes are much better. There’s still a limited amount of choices, but they do allow more flexibility, and I like that. I also like the stats widget and the calendar. Ok, fellas: persuade me!


  1. First, a common misconception about is that you can’t upload pictures to your posts. You actually can! When you’re writing a new post, look below the area where you type your post and see the UPLOAD section. Use this to upload pictures (or even other files) from your hard drive. WordPress then creates a thumbnail of the picture as well. Now you can either drag the thumbnail from the UPLOAD section to your post (the thumbnail will appear in your post and if you first clicked the thumbnail and changed NOT LINKED to LINKED then it will be clickable to the full-size picture once you publish) or you can click on the thumbnail in uploads, click USE THUMBNAIL to change it to USE ORIGINAL and then either drag the thumbnail to the post and drag the corners to resize it, or copy the image url (in Firefox right click on the thumbnail and choose COPY IMAGE LOCATION, in IE you have to right click and choose properties and then copy the image URL) and use the IMAGE button up on the post toolbar and paste the URL of your newly uploaded image. Pros not in Blogger:
    -file uploads
    -pages (tabs)
    -sidebar widgets
    -password protectable posts
    -Wordpress turns πŸ™‚ 😦 πŸ˜‰ etc in to yellow graphical smilies (I know, there’s what you were waiting to hear)
    -The MORE tag (WordPress lets you insert [MORE] (there’s a button for it too) that means anything after it in the post will not show up on the front page and they’ll have to click a “Read the rest of this post” link to see the rest. Handy for the punchline of a joke, movie spoilers, graphic pictures, quotes with strong language, or for when you’re posting a LONG entry about something only a small percentage of your readers will care about)
    -Wordpress uses many, many more behind the scenes tools to filter out Spam comments

    I don’t use; I use WordPress software on my own server, so the limitations below don’t effect me.

    -You can’t directly edityour template ( lets you insert HTML in the sidebar using the TEXT widget [see Dan’s customized FEED links], but you currently can’t edit the existing templates doesn’t have Douglas Bowman’s very popular, very simple themes like the “Rounders” series

  2. Another PRO for (and a HUGE pet peeve of mine with Blogger) is that you can subscribe to feeds for comments (either every comment made to the site, or a feed for comments made on a particular post). This is VERY handy for keeping track of comment threads on blogs. So far it seems that the only way to do this on Blogger is by using some third party tricks.

  3. Well, I don’t have much to add to Jason’s excellent comments except that WordPress offers more ways to manage your blog. You can look up your blog stats, the number of feeds subscribers, managage and edit and moderate comments, categorize posts, and create new pages. It’s a whole lotta fun.

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