Posted by: Nathan | August 5, 2006

Come on,

The biggest sporting event in the world has been over for about three or four weeks, and I’ve been dreaming about thinking about buying a World Cup jersey because there were so many that were cool (take Mexico’s for example). But the prices of the jerseys are still $70 a pop! Give me a break. Who’s going to shell out that much for a jersey from a World Cup that is now over? I can see keeping France’s or Italy’s jerseys being expensive because they played in the final, but otherwise it’s poor business sense. I guess wouldn’t have bought one anyway.

Here are jerseys I would’ve considered buying:





The Netherlands



I should note that Argentina’s and France’s jerseys are actually $99.99 a piece, and Spain’s is $64.99 for whatever reason.

Ha ha, Nate! Just when you thought I was done posting on the World Cup! Okay, I’m probably done now though.


  1. I’ve given thought to getting an Argentina away jersey, but, like you, it’s a no-go until they become reasonably priced.

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