Posted by: Nathan | August 8, 2006

My New Team

“Aww, the Denver Broncos!?” So said Homer Simpson when he received ownership of that NFL franchise from Scorpio in one of the early Simpsons episodes when the show was still funny. And now I too claim some sort of ownership over the Broncos because they will be my official NFL team!!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Another team? Why will the Broncos be any different from his failed attempt to root for the Lions?” Good question. Here are some reasons:

1. The Lions, despite being horrible which I can tolerate pretty well (cf. my Cubs fan-ship), are completely unlikable. And they are based in Detroit, from which almost no likable team has ever come (maybe the Red Wings).

2. The Broncos are local for me. It only makes sense to root for them when I can watch all their games and read about them in the local paper.

3. They have such a great color scheme! Navy and orange?! That’s hard to beat, especially when they put on those beautiful orange jerseys. Mm mmm! Way better than grey, blue and an increasing amount of black. Booo!

4. They’re so likable! Even when I wasn’t an official fan, the Broncos were one of those teams I rarely rooted against. They seem like quality guys, and they generally overachieve (witness last year’s playoffs: bumping off New England and almost going to the Super Bowl with Jake Plummer?!?).

5. Mike Shanahan. You’ve gotta love that guy.

6. One of their cheerleaders banks at my branch. Okay, that’s not really a good reason, but it’s still an interesting tidbit. One of my coworkers made a lewd comment about her today.

So, there we have it. Go Broncos! I’m kind of excited for the new season to begin now. I suppose my fan-ship of this team will only bring about losing and misery, but they’ve already had a good run, so I think it’s okay.

Note: I realize their jerseys aren’t the best. Those funky pants stripes that look like Nike swooshes (boo!)? The orange-eyed bronco logo? The lack of sleeve decoration? Yes, there are some obstacles to overcome here, but at least the color scheme is rock solid!


  1. You’re actually going to be rooting for a decent team. And they have a rich recent history (cf. John Elway). Detroit’s recent history, aside from Barry Sanders can be summed up in two words: Wayne Fonts.

  2. I’ve gotta agree about the Broncos, they’re pretty hard to dislike…you forgot to mention they have an AMAZING stadium with great fans. Though you may be frustrated by Plummer’s mediocrity for awhile, Chris Mortenson said on ESPN radio today that Cutler is coming along so well that Shanahan was saying that he “could coach for another 10-12 years.” Good news for you

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