Posted by: Nathan | August 9, 2006

Vault’s Siren Song

My first encounter with anything Vault soda-related was their hilarious ad campaign: “If you want your boy to throw the ball fifty yards, Bill, GIVE HIM FIFTY YARDS!” Lol. So good. The first taste I had of it was actually Vault Zero, at this guy‘s house. He and Jason will both try to persuade you that diet pop is better than regular. Don’t be deceived. Anyhoo, I liked it fine, but wasn’t impressed.

Later, I had a taste of regular Vault, and I really liked it. It’s much more limey than Mountain Dew, which I enjoy; plus, it’s not as heavy as Surge* was, and I never much liked Surge (I was correct in deeming it Coke’s lame attempt at horning in on the Mt. Dew market). I suppose Vault is just round two of the horning in effort, but I like this round much better.

Now, whenever I find myself in a pop-buying situation (admittedly, that’s pretty rare), my eyes immediately search for Vault. Unlike Ulysses** who lashed himself to the mast and stopped up his ears to avoid the song of the sirens, I cannot resist Vault’s tantalizing call. Is it my favorite pop? Probably not…at least not yet. Am I drinking it instead of Mountain Dew? Yes I am. Coke should be proud, but not of their inferior cola, which does not compare to Pepsi in terms of goodness.

*Give it up, Dan. Surge wasn’t that good. You just liked it because it seemed rebellious to drink it instead of Mountain Dew. That said, it looks like you’re not alone.

**A.k.a. Odysseus of Homeric fame.


  1. I drink diet pop because it has little to no calories. I eat all sorts of stuff that’s bad for me, and I have the rotundity to prove it. But diet soda is a way for me to consume large amounts of tastiness without becoming even larger. I prefer the taste of non-diet pop ALWAYS. But with over 300 calories in a bottle of non-diet, it’s going to take more than a slightly better taste to get me to go back. (On that note, I’m aware that more and more evidence is popping up that artificial sweeteners will kill you or various parts of your body. This may someday soon be what forces me to give up diet drinks.)

    Diet Coke is easily superior to Diet Pepsi, but I don’t remember which of the non-diet cola’s I prefer (I was a fan of one, then the other, and I don’t remember why either of them was ever a preference over the other for me).

    Three cheers for Vault!

  2. Ah, now that makes sense. Diet pop certainly has fewer calories, and I appreciate your candor about its not-as-tastiness. Hip-hip-hooray! x 3.

  3. Great Vault endorsement, Nathan. Vault is easily the best pop on the market today. I do actually prefer the taste of most diet pops over the non-diet versions (Mountain Dew is the exception). After years of drinking only diet, the regular pops are just too sweet. I can handle dissing diet pop, but I cannot stand for any disrespectful comments about Surge! Surge was the Mt. Everest of sodas, the pinnacle of all carbonated-beerages.

  4. I’m like Jason. I drink the diet pop because I don’t want people to call me ‘the round mound of foreign policy’ (cf. Charles Barkley). Dan, I regret to inform you that Surge was not hte Mt. Everest of sodas, and certainly not the pinnacle of all carbonated “beerages.” If Surge was a “beerage,” its effects were decidedly contradictory to that of normal “beerages.” 😉

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