Posted by: Nathan | August 9, 2006

Why Change their Stripes?



As if some of the uniforms in the NFL aren’t putrid enough (one, two, three, four), the jerseys the referees wear has been altered now*. What they’re thinking is beyond me. The original ref uniforms were fine. Plain, yes, but fine. Only only needs to be able to identify that they’re referees–there’s no need for style changes here. Who buys ref unis anyway?

Okay, let’s break these babies down. The front is okay. The shirts basically look the same from the front. The sleeves are a little funkety, but still not bad; obviously, however, the sleeves don’t look nearly as good as the old ones. Plus, I don’t like the white number patch. And then there’s the back. Here’s wear the ugliness really kicks in. The stripes look ridiculous (in a bad way), with fatter stripes on top interrupted by the huge white box with stupid-looking fonted letters and numbers, and then there’s the skinny stripes on the bottom that don’t correspond to the stripes above them. C’mon, NFL. This was a bad play. I’m going to have to throw the flag on this one…

Crappy and stupid-looking referee uniforms. On the NFL. Abusive critique penalty. Get new shirts!

*Hat tip to Jason for emailing me this link. Thanks, buddy.


  1. Nathan – I couldn’t agree with you more. The new ref uniforms are hideous.

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