Posted by: Nathan | August 31, 2006

Get a Blog. Sha na na na na Sha na na na na na…

Please join me in exerting the peer pressure on my most awesome little brother who’s been considering getting his own blog for a while now. I for one would be an avid reader, and I can vouch for J’s consistent readership also. Little bro, you’ve got plenty o’ interesting things to say, especially about sports, but also about life and whatnot.

Of course, little brother, you’ll be busy with school, but don’t let that be an excuse not to blog. Kyle, Dan and I are all going for our Master’s degrees, Nate works 40+ hours a week, and Jason works full-time and has a new baby at home to boot. You can do it!

I’ve heard that one of the things preventing my brother from getting his own blog is that he can’t think of a title. I don’t have any good suggestions; I just took mine from literature (of course), so I guess I would recommend thinking about things you love (like Dan) and/or are trying to do with your blog (like Kyle), or just do something fun (like Jason or Nate). If my wonderful readers would like to make recommendations for his blog title, go for it. Thanks for your help, dear reader.


  1. You really should do it.

    As for names, I saw some things that could be inspiring here:

    Proverbial Coma? Turbulent Log? Echo Vacancy? All excellent possibilities.

  2. You should TOTALLY do it. Might I suggest ‘Forever Seems Further’ as a possible title? If not that, just go with a great lyric or some phrase that means “I’m searching for the meaning of life.” Those seem to be the norm.

  3. When Justin told me recently that he was considering doing his own blog, my comment was “I bet you’d have an instant audience” referring to Nathan’s current readers. These posts seem to support my statement.

    My only suggestion for the name of Justin’s blog would be based on a running gag in our family related to a pet nickname for him. That phrase will remain nameless here but its initials are “W-D”. 🙂

  4. Alright, alright, alright…I guarantee that I WILL have my blog up within one week. I’m hoping to late tonight if I have time, but we’ll see. It doesn’t take that long, right? I have a name chosen, and even some ideas for posts, so it’s in the advanced stages here. I basically just have to do it. I’ll let you guys know when it is up…p.s., I just picked up a running back that ESPN’s James Hasty calls “the front runner for rookie of the year”, my RBs are looking good boys! My WRs may need a little work, but we’ll see how it all pans out.

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