Posted by: Nathan | September 1, 2006

White at home? NO WAY

Here’s a little quiz for you. In each of the following photos judging only by uniforms, identify if the player pictured is playing: A. At home B. On the road C. Not enough information given

1. We’ll start easy.

2. Still easy (base your answer on current rules in NHL)

3. A little tougher

4. Onto football

5. Who’s home and who’s away here?

6. NFL

Here are the answers: 1. B. Road, 2. A. Home, 3. A. Home, 4. B. Road, 5. Black team (S. Carolina) Road and white team (Mississippi St) Home, 6. C. Not enough info.

How did you do? The first part of this quiz was easy enough, right? Why was that? Well, Major League Baseball has rules about what uniforms a team wears when playing on the road or at home; hence, those who know baseball even casually know that gray uniforms signify road and white ones mean home. But what about question 3 wherein Derrek Lee is sporting the Cubs wicked awesome alternate jersey? Look at his pants — they’re white, meaning Lee is playing at Wrigley. The NHL has similar rules (though they just switched them): the home team wears team color unis, and the road team wears white; thus, Joe Sakic is at home.

On to the crux of the matter: football. It used to be that by just turning on a football game and glancing at the jerseys, one could tell who was playing where. No longer. My boy Drew Tate and the Hawkeyes (and most of college football for that matter) still follow the standard format: white jerseys = away; color jerseys = home. But look, at the monstrous crime that happened just last night when South Carolina traveled to Mississippi State! From the picture, it looks like MSU is playing an away game, but they’re not. Here I was watching this tremendously boring contest, breathing a sigh of relief that at least in college one could tell who was playing where, when suddenly I realized that those in black were playing on the road. Naturally, I was ticked.

The real problem stems from the stupid team represented in question six: the Dallas Cowboys. Let’s flashback to better days when every NFL team wore their home (their team color) jerseys at home and their away (white) jerseys away, and it all made sense. Enter the Cowboys. For some reason, Dallas decided to rebel against the league, common sense, and aesthetic taste and wear their boring, everyone-has-one-of-these white jerseys* at home, forcing the visiting squad to don their cooler, unique-to-team home jerseys even though they were on the road. Those visiting teams should’ve been ecstatic because home jerseys are the cooler jerseys for every team (until Seattle had to wear monochrome pukesuits, and even then, if they would only wear white pants it wouldn’t be so bad). So the Cowboys were stupid and the rest of the league made sense. If only it would’ve ended there…

But it didn’t. I don’t have a comprehensive list of rule-breaking teams, but here are some I can think of whom I have seen wearing away jerseys at home: Dallas (the instigators), Cleveland, New Orleans, Miami, Carolina, Arizona, Washington (all the freaking time), Philadelphia, New York Jets, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Cincinnati, and Houston. In every case, their home jersey is far cooler-looking than the stupid white AWAY jersey. This is especially true of Dallas, whose rarely seen navy jerseys rock. What are they thinking?

Thankfully, there are some teams you can count on not to violate the white = away policy. Here are some of them: Green Bay, Indianapolis, Minnesota, Denver, Kansas City, Seattle, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis. The teams I didn’t mention for either category haven’t violated the rule as fas as I can recall, but I don’t trust them to uphold this standard of uni decency, especially you east coast, stupid, trendy teams.

Why does any of this really matter, aesthetics aside? Because when I turn on a random game and that handy scoreboard isn’t up in the right-hand corner of the screen, I want to know definitively who is playing at home! This shouldn’t be a mystery! WEAR YOUR FREAKING HOME JERSEYS AT HOME!!

So what’s to be done? Well, ideally, the league should start handing out fines to violating teams until we all figure out the obvious: away jerseys are for away games ONLY. Failing that, fans should boycott road uni purchases; buy the home jersey! It’s better looking anyway. And maybe for punishment, Dallas should be forced to wear their home jerseys everywhere for ten years. Fear not; when the Cowboys are playing elsewhere, said team still gets to wear their home jerseys too. The colors should be different enough in most cases. And please, PLEASE, college football, don’t copy the idiots in the NFL. You know better.

Whew. That probably wasn’t worth all the time I spent on it, but it was worth most of it.

*Dallas’ white jerseys are even lamer than any other team because (apparently) the team designer is colorblind. The Cowboys’ colors are navy and silver; these roadies have royal blue numbers that look stupid with the ‘boys’ helmets and pants, both of which sport NAVY BLUE. Now, unfortunately for us all, the Bills have followed suit mixing blues all over the place. Ewww.


  1. This has been freaking driving me crazy this year! I never noticed the disregard for tradition until now and I’m pissed. football is tradition for God’s sake! take away the tradition and all you have is the friggin NBA with pads, high dollar primadonnas who are more concerned with how they look and whether their celebration dance has been perfected then with the great tradtions that solidly got the game to where it is!

    • This Nathan guy who wrote this is really dumb and uninformed. I stumbled upon this looking for something else, but I’m guessing Nathan’s about 19 or 20.

      The Cowboys didn’t have navy jerseys until the late 80s or early 90s at the earliest. Their previous “home” jerseys looked awful and were more toward royal blue rather than navy. In fact, it’s always been that way. The navy blue crept in much later.

      But that is a classic look! Nothing at all wrong with it, and the part about being cooler or looking cooler is preposterous as well. Anyone with a brain would realize that the dark jersey is hotter to wear and the white is cooler. And it just looks better. The real NFL problem is these awful throwbacks and other uglied uniforms which have gotten into the mainstream of apparel. Cowboys have always been voted best looking uniforms in the league!

  2. Another thing I can’t stand is the alternate third jersey that came about around 2002 in the NFL. Now some teams regularly wear any of 3 different jerseys while at home: white, traditional color, and third color. Some teams that have done this occasionally: Cleveland, San Diego, Chicago. This is OK if it is a throw back or a one-time thing, but other teams (Philiadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, Carolina to name a few) switch back and forth throughout the year. Whatever happened tradition?

  3. Agreed. Football is out of control, and teams’ dark color jersey almost always looks better than their whites. It all started with the Cowboys. I think their theory was that if they wore the white at home, they’d be able to also wear them on the road, so every game would seem like a home game to them, at least as far as their jersey was concerned. But I remember growing up that the NY Giants would always wear white at home against the Cowboys, just to make their arch enemies wear the other jersey. I think the Redskins started doing that too.

    Some other teams like the Dolphins started wearing white at home because of the heat. The Jets and some others also went white, I think because they thought it went with their uniform better, or found it easier to see players on the field. Obviously it’s tougher for a quarterback to see a green uniform on a football field.

    I think a lot of jersey design and what the teams tend to wear comes from current fashion trends (especially hip-hop fashion), to try to spur jersey sales. In the 90’s, the Raiders sold far more jerseys than any other team because it was cool to wear black. Other teams, such as the Falcons in the NFL and several baseball teams introduced black jerseys to generate sales. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, white was the big thing (P. Diddy and J.Lo style), so a lot of teams have started going with more white. Naturally sports teams take some time to make jersey decisions, so they’re going to be a couple of years behind the trends. Recently, the colorful throwback jerseys of the 70’s have become very fashionable, so I think we can expect more teams to go back to wearing color over the next few years. Hopefully they’ll go back to the dark colors, and not just wear the crazy alternative color like that crazy baby-blue Chargers jersey that looks ridiculous.

  4. The Redskins look better with their maroon jerseys at home, same with the cowboys and their blue jerseys (dome team). Carolina has light blue jerseys that could be worn in place of the black ones during the hot months. Miami, Cincinnati and Cleveland have Orange jersey’s that would keep them cooler during the early season. Houston, NO both play in a dome…ever hear of AC?! Philly’s regular green jersey looks great, does wearing red or teal green really effect the bucs, cards or Jags all that much…not a chance!

    On a similar note…the NHL wised up and it’s an improvement to see home colors at home…now if only the NBA would follow suit. Visualize the Bulls or the Rockets wearing red at home or the Celtics or Sonics wearing green, now that would kick ass! Pop in any of the new additions of NBA live and you’ll see what I mean

  5. I feel that the home team should always have the choice of jersey color in any sport. NFL teams have worn white jerseys at home before the Dallas Cowboys started doing that in 1964. The Cleveland Browns were wearing white jerseys at home in the 1950’s. In College Football, both LSU and Georgia Tech wore white jerseys at home games during the 1950’s and 1960’s. LSU still wears white at home while Georgia Tech has gone to wearing gold jerseys at home.So I say this: the home team should have the right to wear whatever color it wants, no matter what sport!!!

  6. While I respect your opinion, Jerry, I completely disagree. Let the home team choose among colored jerseys if they must, but the home team ought to be in colored jersey and away in white. Enough said.

  7. I agree with you, Nathan, that the home team looks better in their colors as opposed to white, but what I was trying to say was that the visiting team should not be able to dictate what jerseys the home team can wear. An example of this was a college football team LSU. They have traditionally worn white jerseys, for whatever reason since the 1950’s. The NCAA came up with the rule that if the home team chooses to wear their white jerseys for home games, then the visiting team must approve this. Now while I would much rather see the LSU Tigers decked out in their Purple and Gold uniforms, I feel that if they choose to wear their white jerseys, for whatever reason, whether for the heat or whether for psychological advantages, then the visiting team should not be able to change that. This has happened to LSU at least twice where the visiting team would not allow them to wear white at home. I feel the home team should have all advantages including what jersey to wear. On the pro side, Cleveland, Dallas, Miami, and perhaps others choose to wear white jerseys at home and the visiting teams have never opposed this or maybe the NFL has different rules than the NCAA. To reinterate, I would prefer to see the home colors, but the home team should be the one to decide. Also in baseball, basketball, and sometimes soccer, teams still wear white at home.

  8. Since there have been no replies to my comment of 12-20-06, I have to assume that everyone is in agreement that the home team should have the exclusive right to wear whatever color uniform it desires for whatever reason. In other words, under no circumstances should the visiting team be able to dictate to the home team what color or colors it can or cannot wear. Am I correct on this assumption? If not I would be curious as to why anyone would give the visiting team the right to choose uniform colors. To me it is simply unpatriotic!!!

  9. Here’s a little NFL jersey history:

    1. Yes, the Browns wore white jerseys most of the time in the 1950s…but that was before all NFL teams were required to have a colored jersey and a white jersey. The Browns did have a brown jersey but rarely wore them.

    2. In 1957, the NFL mandated that every team must have 2 jerseys, and that they had to wear the dark jersey at home. This lasted through the 1963 season.

    3. In 1964, the NFL allowed teams to choose what jersey to wear at home. The Cowboys had just changed to their current uniforms that year and decided to go with white, which stuck. (I also think this blows.)

    4. Many teams did this in the 60s, including the Steelers, who have worn black at home since 1970.

    5. Some teams started wearing white at home for early (hot) games, or at home against Dallas to put them in their bad-luck blue jerseys.

    6. Believe it or not, some teams HAVE worn white at home: the Packers for the first two games of 1990, the Chiefs in 1980 and the first game of 2006, the Bears for one game in 2005 and 2006, the 49ers in 1976 and for early games in 1978 and 1979…

    7. As far as I know, the only teams to NEVER wear white at home are the Raiders and Seahawks.

    8. Joe Gibbs started the white at home for the Skins in 1981, and has stubbornly resisted wearing throwbacks or anything else since.

    9. Alt jerseys were OK at first, but have gotten out of hand…the Titans even have ALTERNATE PANTS, and wore 7 different unis in 16 games in 2006!!!

    10. Teams should be allowed to wear throwbacks 1-2 times a year.

    11. Teams should be forced to wear dark jerseys at home. A lighter alt jersey could be worn for early-season games.

  10. 12. The Buccaneers started wearing white at home in the 80s, and continued when Vinny Testaverde said he was color-blind and could see white-clad WRs better…didn’t help, as Vinny continued tossing INTs to the other teams in record numbers no matter what jersey the Yuccs wore.

  11. Thanks for dropping the knowledge, Phil! Good stuff.

  12. My question remains the same: Should Home teams be forced to wear dark jerseys when they perfer to wear white or lighter jerseys? For example, the cowboys could be “forced”to wear silver jerseys which would be an alternate color since their colors are Navy and Silver, while the Browns and Dolphins could be “forced” to wear orange jerseys since their alternate colors would be orange instead of dark brown or aqua? Correct me if I am wrong, but the NFL rules state that the home team has the choice of jersey color, while the NCAA rules state that the home team can wear white or light colored jerseys as long as the visiting team consents.

  13. Yes, in the NFL the home team gets to decide what it wears…they have to inform the league several months prior to the game however!

    A couple of years ago the Chargers were planning to wear white at home against the Broncos in September…but the Broncos screwed up and brought their white jerseys, forcing the Chargers to wear their usual navy jerseys at home.

    In a 1964 game, the Vikings wore white at home to show their fans their road uniforms…only someone forgot to tell the visiting Lions, who also wore their white jerseys! The Vikings had to change at halftime into their purple jerseys, and with the purple pants they were wearing they looked like Easter eggs according to the coach…the Vikes ditched the purple pants after that game!

    My problem with the NFL is that they don’t keep track of this stuff, while in the MLB they can tell you how many stripes were on the socks of a starting pitcher in some game on the third Tuesday of May in 1943.

  14. While I see the fairness in allowing the home team to decide what color of jersey to wear, I think the NFL should mandate that home teams wear their colored jerseys, period. Which color of jersey is up to the team (the Dolphins could sport their nice turquoise jerseys or those horrendous orange ones), but when I turn on any game, I want to know immediately who’s playing where. For me, it’s white AWAY, colored HOME. Keep it simple.

  15. Very good comments and history from both Nathan and Phil which are greatly appreciated. I agree with Nathan that it would be nice to be able to tell who is playing at home and who is away, because sometimes it is hard to determine unless you look at the scoreboard. Baseball,Basketball, and Hockey rules usually make it easier to tell who is home and who is away. I suppose that the one thing that makes Football different is Tradition. Football is the only sport that I know of where the home team gets the choice of jersey color. Baseball teams,Basketball teams, and Hockey teams almost never deviate from the rules about jersey colors.

    I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and I feel that I was influenced by Tradition more than anything else. As a young boy I did not understand why certain teams in football always or almost always wore white for their home games, but I grew to respect their Traditions. I remember that in the 60’s certain teams including the Cowboys, Browns, Saints, Los Angeles Rams, St Louis Cardinals, and sometimes the Eagles wore white for all or some of their home games. I grew to respect them for their traditions or differences, because the rest of the teams always wore their colored jerseys. I remember specifically that the Cowboys, Browns, and LA Rams always wore their white jerseys, while the Saints, St Louis Cardinals and the Eagles would sometimes wear their away or white jerseys for their home games. While at the time I did not understand why they did this, I respected their Traditions. For me it was always a special treat to see these teams wearing dark jerseys occasionally for away games.In the 60’s and 70’s it was very rare to see the Cowboys or the LA Rams in Blue, the Browns in Brown, or the Saints in Black. I agree with Phil, that some teams wore white in order to force the other teams mentioned to wear their “bad luck” dark jerseys. I guess that I am just a “softie” when it comes to Traditions. I also agree with Nathan when it comes to wanting to know just by looking who is playing at home, but the bottom line is that you have to admire or respect the team’s traditions of going against the “norm.” The same thing goes for the NCAA where as far as I know, the only college teams to wear white for their home games were LSU and Georgia Tech. While I did not understand at the time why they chose to do this, I respected their Traditons. This will be my final comment on this subject, and I greatly appreciate all of the comments made, esp. by Nathan and Phil, but until rules are made to change this, and I would support any rules that are made with respect to jersey colors, I also feel that we should respect the Traditions of the teams involved. If the rules are changed, then we would be violating Traditions which have been established for many decades.

  16. I agree with you Nathan, White = Away, Colored = Home. I’ve played Madden and Those dark jerseys definitely look better than the white ones. Playing with Dallas or Washington wearing the colored jerseys at home looks ten times better. Just because something is a tradition doesn’t mean it’s a good tradition. New traditions can begin at anytime and I say we start a colors at home tradition for all NFL and NBA teams.

  17. Sometimes when both teams wear their colored jerseys in the game…is it always due to mistake or arrangement?

    There was a Thanksgiving Game in the late 90s or so when the Denver Broncos wore their throwback orange and the Dallas Cowboys had their throwback blues. I guess there’s enough contrast between orange and blue on the field but it was interesting nonetheless.

    But one game in 2004 between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers had the Rockets in their classy throwback early 70s uniforms, a dark red while the Lakers wore their current purple. The Rockets’ old design also had the same gold side panels as the Lakers current uniforms.

    On TV, it was very painful to the eye keeping up with the action.

  18. I don’t always agree that dark uniforms always look better. Typically but not always.

    I thought the San Diego Chargers uncoordinated away colors circa 1979-82 looked very sharp: blue helmets, gold bolts, WHITE shirts, yellow pants with white bolts.

    They wore that look at every home game during that period too.

    That was a very cool uniform to me. It didn’t look quite as right when they wore the royal blue.

    The St. Louis Rams’ current road uniforms are a more coordinated version of those 1979-82 Chargers’ unis which I like.

    The Houston Texans look very sharp in their white uniforms…possibly the only NFL team with that striking white uniform look.

    Denver’s white uniforms look simple, fluid and bold. I also like their dark uniforms too but as a matter of white, they look more than alright to me.

    I personally believe it’s a treat in the NFL when the home can choose whether to wear solid or white jerseys.

  19. This could have been the Chargers’ best uniform, at least blue anyway, if they filled out the white on the shoulder bolts. Yep, even better than the powder blue that everyone seems to love.–12960737/SP–A/IGID–1918202/Dan_Fouts.htm?sOrig=CAT&sOrigID=17715&ui=1BBAA3B2142645BDB7C07F5876B9AF45

  20. Since Pro and College football allows the choice of jersey colors for home games, one fair method of jersey selections would be to allow the home team the choice of jersey colors of up to 2 or 3 games a year and no more. In this way they could choose to wear white or an alternate color for these home games. For their other home games,however, they could wear their home colors. I would much rather see the teams dressed in their home colors, but this would give them the option of wearing either white or an alternate jersey of their choice. I personally would rather see the home team in colored jerseys, but I feel it should be their choice until rules are changed. One example of this would be Georgia Tech whose only colors are Old Gold and White. The alternate colors of Georgia Tech were Black and Navy Blue, but their official colors are Gold and White. That is probably why they quit wearing black or navy blue jerseys and opted for white jerseys instead of wearing gold for their home games. Whenever football games were broadcast in Black and White, before color broadcasts began, it would be hard to distinquish between old gold and white. This is probably the reason the YellowJackets wore white for their games in the 50’s and 60’s. I guess the tradition stuck even until the present. Of course with the progression of color broadcasts, they could wear their gold jerseys with the visiting team wearing white, as this should be enough contrast for the viewer to see. Since gold and white are their official colors, I completely understand their reasoning for this. The other college football team to wear white for home games is LSU and they have stubbornly resisted any changes to this until 1982, when the NCAA in all of its wisdom, said that all college teams should wear colored uniforms for home games which lasted until 1994. They then amended this rule to state that the home team could wear white jersyeys if the visiting team consented to it. In the NFL, the rules were stated that the home team will have the choice of jersey colors, and that rule has remained until today. Just a little history of jersey rules in both the NCAA and NFL for your enjoyment.

  21. I am going to go out on a limb here and make some observations as well as some conclusions about this particular blog about team’s uniform colors. When it is all said and done and after the dust clears, it really doesn’t matter what colors a team is wearing or not wearing during a game whether it be colored, white, dark, or alternate, 95% of the time the best team will win, although the other 5% or so is probably the luck of the draw.My high school team in the late 60’s and early 70’s always wore white for their home basketball games and most of the time they won 20 or more games a year. I do not think that would change the statistics if they had worn their dark ( Green ) jerseys for those games. In football they almost always wore their dark ( Green ) jerseys, although for some reason they chose to wear their white jerseys for homecoming games. Needless to say for the most part, they sucked at football. If they won 4 or 5 games a year, that was good for them. I have done some research for NFL football games and College football, and in the NFL for some reason the Cleveland Browns and Dallas Cowboys considered their dark jerseys as bad luck, although I do not understand their reasoning, and thus the Browns wore white for most of the 50’s, 60’s and part of the 70’s. The Cowboys started in the 60’s and has thus far always considered their dark jerseys as bad luck for some reason, but I do not think that the color of jersey that any team wears controls their destiny. It could be that the Browns and the Cowboys had lost some big games during which they wore their bad luck jerseys, but like I stated earlier, 95% of the time it was probably due to the other team playing better on that particular day. Back in the Boston Celtics heyday, I think they could have won all of those championships whether they were wearing Green, White, or even Pink as they were that good during that time. In College football, I believe I read somewhere that LSU had won their first championship wearing white, so the coach at that time decided he would wear white jerseys all of the time for both home and away games. Needless to say, this tradition has stuck even until today. One final point to all of this is that if you watch a game long enough, you will know which team is the home team and which team is the visiting team, and in the end the best team will win at least 95% of the time, so in reality it really does not matter about the teams uniforms, but it comes down to which team is the better team. There are rare occasions though when the team that has the higher statistics will still lose, but that is usually due to team mistakes and miscues!!Let all of us just go with the flow and with the current rules until they are changed, because when it comes to uniform colors we are just beating a dead horse!!

  22. My Dad and I have always been uniform buffs. He, since, perhaps 1940, has been a big fan of every level of sports from high school on up. He has always told me that in his early days, the high schools in our town usually only had one uniform, so that is what they wore. (He remembers one game in which one team wore crimson, and the other wore brown). It wasn’t until television came into play that some teams finally got white uniforms, so that they could be contrasted on black and white TV. ‘Course I’m sure that the pros and the major colleges had lights and darks by then.
    Now, since everyone has a color TV now, and probably HD at that, I propose that we allow the home team to choose their color uniform first, and the visitors can wear whatever color they want, so long as there is enough contrast with the home team. It would be cleared with the sanctioning body (NCAA, NFL, etc…). If it’s blue against red, then so be it. It would look cool. If Oregon is playing at Michigan State, then of course Oregon wouldn’t get to wear their green, they’d have to bring out one of their variations in yellow. Just about every team has a secondary color they could use, and if nothing worked, there is alway white. If the home team wants to wear white, then its free game for the visitors. It would be cool to see everybody’s dark uniforms. Although I’m a huge tradtion nut, I love seeing all ther variations of late. It’s still based on the team’s colors, which is the very definition of tradition.

  23. Very Good Commentary Kenny H!!! I agree with you that the home team should have the final say on uniform colors and I have been saying this for months now. Under no circumstances should the visiting team ever be allowed to dictate to the home team what colors they can or can not wear. The home team should always have the first choice whether it is white, dark or alternate colors. If the home team chooses to wear white they should be able to do that, but I also agree that both teams could wear their own colors as long as it does not contrast each other. One example of college football would be if Tennessee wants to wear orange then another team could wear their colors as long as it is not orange. However, if the Dallas Cowboys want to wear white jerseys for home games, they should be allowed to do that and like you said, it would be a ” free game ” for the visiting team.

  24. I think the NFL is fine: Home team gets first jersey choice. In the Super bowl, Home team (AFC in even-numbered Games) should get first choice, visitors second.


    XLI Bears choose Blue. That makes the Colts wear white (They should wear white at home, anyway!)

    Let’s get a hypothetical XLII: Bucs pick Red. Steelers have second pick and pick Black.
    As long as the two can be distinguished, each can wear dark if it want to. Also, that’s a good venue for alternate jerseys. I though the Bears should have worn orange.

    College football — These teams should wear white at home: Miami (Both), Northern Illinois, Utah State, Louisiana Tech, UNLV, Louisville, Cincinnati, Syracuse, N.C. State, GaTech, Nebraska, O-State, LSU, Ole Miss, Auburn, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Oregon State, Stanford, Arizona, Penn State, Wisconsin.

    These teams should have first choice at home: CMU, Houston, Southern Miss, New Mexico, BYU, Utah, Air Force, UConn, Pitt, Virginia, Duke, North Carolina, K-State, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, ’Bama, Kentucky, Florida, Washington State, Washington, Cal, USC

  25. Hey JackJimTurkey,
    I agree with you that in the NFL the home team should always have the choice in jersey color, but I am curious about your suggestions in college football. I also feel that in college football the home team should also have first choice in jersey colors. You listed some teams that should wear white and other teams that should have first choice. College football should be exactly like Pro football with the home team choosing their colors first. In college football the only two major teams to choose white for home games were LSU and Georgia Tech. GT now wears gold jerseys for their home games, and to my knowledge only the LSU tigers choose to wear white for their home games, except for special occasions where they will wear their purple jerseys around 2 or 3 times a year. A few college teams will wear white for home games on special occasions, such as The Citadel and Mississippi State, but 99% of the teams will wear dark jerseys for home games. However, I feel that all football teams, whether Pro,college, or even high school should allow the home team to decide their colors. With the way most sports such as basketball, hockey, and baseball dictate what colors each team can or cannot wear, it is refreshing in football that the home team can choose to wear either their colored jerseys or their white jerseys. To me this is almost sacred! So my question to you is why do you suggest certain teams in the NCAA wear white for home games, while giving other NCAA teams first choice? To me this should be equal: let all home football teams, whether Pro, college, high school, middle school, etc., have first choice in jersey colors. Let’s have at least one sport in this great country where the home team has a choice of what to wear for their home games. Hopefully in the future, in all sports, the home team will have the final decision of what colors it will wear.

  26. Jerry: those teams’ white Unis look better/and or they’ve got tradition of winning in white.

    But, Uga’s black jerseys look even better than the white.

  27. I think that NFL teams SHOULD wear white to home games in September and October;I would not dream of putting my team in dark jerseys until mid October at the earliest-it is hot in the early season and white reflects heat.

  28. My opinion on this issue, is that it is true, it is better that the home team wear their dark uniforms at home, so one can tell whom is the home team. It really does not matter, some teams really have a good looking white jersey. When I play Madden, I switch off every quarter, kind of makes a neat effect.

  29. The Colts wore white at home early in the 1995 season, complete with blue pants. Luckily the team quickly abandoned that ill-conceived idea.

  30. The white jerseys started with Dallas. Miami wears white at home for day games and aqua for the night games. I prefer the home team to wear their color jerseys, but if Dallas is coming to your town, you better where white at home to force Dallas to wear their color jerseys. I HATE THE DALLAS COWBOYS WITH A PASSION AND WISH THEY WOULD GO AWAY PLEASE. The Steeler who are my faves wore white jerseys for Super Bowl XL, and won. They are 3 – 0 in Super Bowl History wearing white. GO STEELERS LETS GET A 7TH RING.

    • I am not sure why you hate the Cowboys. Although I am not a Steelers fan by no means, I certainly do not hate them. I have a lot of respect for both the Cowboys and the Steelers, as both teams have a “storied” History. During the 60’s, 70’s, and the 80’s, I was a tried and true Dallas Cowboys fan mainly because of their late coach Tom Landry. They were labeled as “Losers” because it took them years to even have a winning season, much less win a championship or even a playoff game. In my opinion and from what I know about Tom Landry, this coach was a perfect gentleman both on and off the field. Unlike the great Vince Lombardi, he did not resort to ranting, raving, or cursing during games. Tom Landry was a great Christian man and he knew how to win as well as lose games with dignity. All NFL teams have their lists of great players throughout the years, but in my opinion, the Cowboys have some of the best players in football history including Roger Staubach, Bob Lily, Jethro Pugh, Chuck Howley, Walt Garrison, Mel Renfro, Bob Hayes, and many others. I also feel the same respect for the Steelers and other teams that have had great teams from the past. Since I have been sort of an “underdog rooter since the 60’s”, all I can say is GO SAINTS, because they have never been to a Super Bowl since their inception in 1966-1967.

    • Oh, but the Steelers did wear white jerseys for their home games during the 60’s, along with the Cowboys, Browns, and the LA Rams.The only NFL team to my knowledge that has NEVER worn white at home would be the Seattle Seahawks.All other teams have at some point in time worn white jerseys for home football games. Correct me if I am wrong, but rules state that the home team has the choice of uniform colors.The visiting team must wear the opposite color, either dark or white.

  31. Dallas was not the first team to wear white at home in the NFL. I did have a book about the history of the NFL which had photos of playoff and championship games, from the 30’s through the early 70’s. Although most of the pictures were in black and white, during the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, the following teams wore white for home games: the Bears, the Browns, and the Redskins. Dallas was the first team to always wear white all the time after the 1963 season. They will wear their dark throwbacks at least one game per season.

  32. Wow. I thought it was just me who was BORED TO TEARS with the Cowboys’ white jerseys. Amazing how a team can have such a complete lack of style. The blue jersey and silver pants combo straight ROCK. They just kick SO MUCH A–, and many of the fans love ’em. But leave it to the Cowboys to totally blow off the fans with their, ‘We won’t wear them unless someone MAKES us wear them!’ attitude. Maybe that’s why the current team has that SOFT demeanor about them. When you wear white THAT MUCH, it has seep into your psyche. Look at the better traditional ‘tough guy’ teams. Ravens and Steelers rock their dark jerseys almost all season. They look the part as a tough defense. You can’t be TOUGH when you look like the MICHELIN MAN, all soft and white and MARSHMELLOWY! Part of the human psyche with white is TO KEEP IT CLEAN. That’s why our players aren’g GRIMY, RUGGED, win at all cost type of players. Every week they’re GLOWING out out there on the field. Geez, the PLAYERS should be tired of wearing the SAME OL’ OUTFIT EEEEEEEVERY WEEK. Here’s the Cowboys’ jersey pattern over a typical season:

    Game 1: white
    Game 2: white
    Game 3: white
    Game 4: white
    Game 5: white
    Game 6: white
    Game 7: white
    Game 8: white
    Game 9: white
    Game10: white
    Game11: white
    Game12: throwbacks
    Game13: white
    Game14: white
    Game15: white
    Game16: white

    Really exciting pattern, no?

    This ‘tradition’ has gone on long enough. The franchise has a tradition of winning, but the current group don’t seem to eager to follow that one, now do they?

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