Posted by: Nathan | September 12, 2006

Daytrips in the Rockies

One of the best things about being in CO (if not the best thing) is being able to take little day trips into the glorious Rocky Mountains. J and I have been fortunate to make a few trips on the weekends to nearby locales. Here are some pictures of two such trips; last Sunday we made it to Rocky Mountain National Park, which was such an incredible experience that I’ll save its photos for a later post.

8/13 — Into the Rockies

Having been in sight of the mountains every day since we had arrived, J and I were eager to actually get up into them. That Sunday, we simply followed Highway 285 as it led west and made a sweet loop connecting Highway 9 north to Interstate 70 east back into Denver.



This picture is pretty high in the Rockies already. This is in the area where J and I took a quick and literally breath-taking (we weren’t accustomed to the altitude) hike in Pike National Forest. While there, J was fascinated with the various kinds of crazy-looking mushrooms. Here are three, for you plant-lovers:



This one looks like Toad from the Mario games, does it not? “Wah hoo!”






More mushrooms.

Rest assured that we saw much, much more spectacular mountain scenery, especially in the Breckenridge area on Highway 9. Great driving there: 14ers on all sides. We also found some yummy homemade fudge in Fairplay (I had amaretto, J had Rocky Road) and we ate dinner at this Buffalo Restaurant on the way back to Denver. That was some good eating. Even the interstate back into town was specatacular, much to my surprise. It was a fun inaugural trip.


8/27 — Garden of the Gods

Since we were having trouble find a spot to worship God in a church (and still are), we decided to check out the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, which is a far more beautiful area than Denver due to its proximity to the Rockies. Garden of the Gods is absolutely free, but if you want you can shell out $2 for a movie that my siblings and I remember shudderingly: How did Those Red Rocks Get There?. J and I didn’t see the movie. The batteries on the camera died mid-hike, much to our shagrin, but we still managed the following pictures submitted for your enjoyment.



You get a pretty good feel for the size of the outcroppings in this shot. The park was pretty crowded that day.




Kissing camels.



From farther away.



Entrance to Garden of the Gods with Pike’s Peak in the background.



Balanced Rock.













  1. “Wah hoo!” Great pics.

  2. “Yeah!” (said in Charlie’s voice from Mario Golf)

  3. Those pictures are amazing! Someday I hope to see those crazy mountains in person. 🙂 Thanks for the mushroom pictures – I’ve never seen anything like them!

  4. Great stuff! You guys are living in an outdoors-ey couple’s paradise. Keep those pictures coming!

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