Posted by: Nathan | September 12, 2006

My 2006 NFL Predictions

Like Kyle, I’m no football expert, but that’s not stopping me from bringing you my predictions for the recently-begun 2006 NFL campaign. Will I be wrong about many of my picks? Oh yes. Are the experts often wrong. Most definitely. Here are my division winners and how I see the playoffs breaking down. Come the actual playoffs, I’ll make new picks if (and when) I’m wrong.

West:  Seattle Seahawks— via a weak, weak, weak division. Only the Cards can even give ’em a run for their proverbial money.

North: Minnesota Vikings — The Bears have the best defense in the league, but I like the Vikes this year. Maybe they’ll be better since I’m gone.

South: Carolina Panthers — Didn’t look good in week one, but they always struggle early only to eventually discover that they’re good.

East: Philadelphia Eagles — That’s right: the best division in football, and I’m picking the team that finished last in it last year to take it this year. McNabb is back and what’s-his-butt moved to Dallas, so the Eagles are going to bounce back in a big way.

Wildcards: New York Giants — They showed me something in the loss to Indy.

Chicago Bears — A great D like that doesn’t stay home during the playoffs.


West: Denver Broncos — They’ll bounce back from a rough week-one loss to take this division, which is much weaker than it once was.

North: Cincinnati Bengals — Palmer is as good as it gets…almost, and the ‘Gals are going to be tough to be beat this year.

South: Indianapolis Colts — The Jaguars are the only in-division opponent that can even play a decent game against these guys. That said, Indy’s a lot weaker sans James.

East: New England Patriots — Brady and the Hatriots always win this division despite everyone’s best efforts. Man, I hate ’em, but they’re darn good.

Wildcards: Miami Dolphins — Culpepper is going to play a lot better on a team that already had a good defense.

Jacksonville Jaguars — They always manage to win with their underrated defense and solid QB play.

And the Steelers and Cowboys stay home despite their Super Bowl win and new T.O.-focused offense respectively.

The Playoffs


Wildcard round: Giants over Vikings, Bears over Panthers.

2nd round: Eagles over Giants, Bears over Seahawks.

NFC Title Game: Eagles over Bears.


Wildcard round: Patriots over Jaguars, Dolphins over Broncos.

2nd round: Bengals over Dolphins, Patriots over Colts (you know Manning’s a choker).

AFC Title Game: Bengals over Patriots.

That means…

Super Bowl XLI

Eagles over Bengals.

Yep, that’s pretty insane to pick. You’ve gotta love football season.


  1. Philly going all the way to the championship is a little nuts for me, I don’t think they’re THAT good, but they’ll definitely rebound me thinks…I almost picked Cincy going to the Super Bowl, so I think that’s a good option. I am a big non-believer in the Giants and Phins until something drastic happens with those dudes.

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