Posted by: Nathan | September 14, 2006

NFL Breadown: Week 1

I hope to break down the games in the NFL on a weekly basis. We’ll see if grad school prohibits that from happening.

1. Pittsburgh looked pretty good in their opening game defeat of Miami. I expect to see the Dolphins get better, and it looks like the Steelers are going to be good for a while, Roethlisberger or no.

2. In my pick of the week, the Seahawks beat my ex-team the Lions 9-6. Guh. Glad I didn’t watch that one. Seattle just landed Deion Branch, which will only help their passing game.

3. The Jets looked pretty decent beating Tennessee, and Pennington looked like he was ready to be good again. But let’s not get too excited; it is the Titans after all.

4. The Bengals beat Dan’s boys in Kansas City. The Bengals could be one of the elites of the AFC now if their defense plays well.

5. The Pats squeaked out a win against Buffalo in New England, 19-17. The Patriots always find a way to win the close ones, but how many more talented personnel can New England forfeit and continue to win? Looks like they’re trying to find out.

6. My Broncos got their butts handed to them in St. Louis of all places 18-10. Sure, the D keep the Rams out of the endzone, but you don’t win games by turning the ball over five times. We’ll get better.

7. Baltimore came out and dominated Tampa in a shocker, 27-0! McNair may have turned this team around, but what happened, Buccaneers? You guys got shut out at home. Ouch.

8. Continuing the surprising developments in the NFC South, Atlanta went into Carolina and outplayed the ‘thers in every phase of the game. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Vick turn into the kind of player we’ve all hyped him up to be, and neither would Kyle, what with Vick on his fantasy squad.

9. The Eagles looked impressive sans Owens in a 24-10 romp at Houston. Sure, it was only Houston, but I think the Eagles will be back to their old form this year. McNabb is a heck of a quarterback.

10. Nate’s going to have a loooooooong year. Bears 26-0 in Green Bay.

11. The Cardinals won their home opener in their stadium 34-27 over Justin’s 49ers. It’s too early to say whether the red and white can be a real team this year, but I think it would be an interesting development if it came about.

12. The Jaguars continue to play well despite my constant disrepecting them. It’s always fun to see the Cowboys lose, but it’s especially fun now that Terrell “Constant Distraction” Owens plays there. Go everyone who plays Dallas!

13. Colts and Giants both looked good in the Manning bowl, but the better team prevailed: 26-21 Indy. The Colts are obviously missing James; I don’t know why they thought they could ditch him and still run it effectively.

14. In the game that everyone’s calling “The Game that Kyle was At” the Vikings defeated the Redskins 16-13. I think this may be the Vikings’ year, Bears be danged. Don’t expect to see the Redskins make another playoff run this season.

15. Lastly, in a game that doesn’t really deserve much comment, the Chargers humiliated Oakland 27-0.


Iowa barely beat the Orange at Syracuse and needed the most incredible goal line stand  I’ve ever seen to win in overtime. Clearly, Iowa’s success depends almost entirely on Drew Tate. No Tate, no run at the Big Ten. He’d better be back this weekend against the hateful Cyclones.

And some team named Ohio State beat some other team named Texas on Saturday. Buckeyes dominated almost throughout. Hopefully, their one loss this year will come in Iowa City, but I’m really doubting it.

Finally, and most importantly, the Front Rangers put up 148 this weekend to make me 1-0 in fantasy!! It’s all downhill from here, I imagine. Still, we might be a contender this year. Our first big test is this weekend in the Brother Bowl when my Front Rangers take on Justin’s Beavers. Go Front Rangers! Wooo!



  1. Solid analysis of Week 1. I think the Colts running game is going to be good enough. They do have Peyton Manning, after all. Also, I agree with you 100% that the SD-OAK game deserves no comment. The strange thing is the next day that’s the only game people talked about. Booo-Oakland.

  2. I for one will not be referring to the Hawks’ opponents on Saturday as the “hateful Cyclones”. That’s of course because I graduated from there with your Mom — although not most recently. Here’s the story for your friends:

    I was in an MS program at UI in 1977. Mom and I were living on Melrose Circle within sound of the stadium and I was getting pumped that the ancient UI/ISU rivalry was being restarted after being cancelled during WW2. It was time to decide who to root for — no more fence sitting. I picked the Hawks for 3 reasons: most recent association, playing in IC (Jack Trice wasn’t built yet), and the Hawks were the underdogs. And they won! I turned the corner that day. So now I root for the Clones every time they *don’t* play the Hawks. Hope this was an inspiring story. 🙂

    P.S. If you’re dissing my ‘Boys because they are America’s Team, that doesn’t mean they’re like the hated Yankees. They’d have to win a lot more to be like the hated Yankees — and with TO in their ranks to contend with, that is not a certainty. Witness the backstory of TO at Justin’s Niners and your ex-Eagles.

  3. Okay, Pops, that’s enough of this calling Dallas “America’s Team.” What rot! More of America dislikes the Cowboys than likes them, I would veture to say. They were only “America’s Team” when they won all those annoying Super Bowls in the 90’s, and even then it was an arrogant statement in my book.

    PK, couldn’t agree with you more on the absurdity of the commentary after SD played a team dressed up like Oakland. Who cares?

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