Posted by: Nathan | September 21, 2006

The Breakdown: Week 2

Let’s get to it!

1. The Falcons continue to look strong and Tampa continues to look really weak. 14-3 Atlanta. Will the Falcs be consistent this year?

2. When did Rex Grossman become a fantasy stud? Bears 34-7 over the Lions. If the Bears have a high-powered (or even a powered) offense this year, Kyle’s Super Bowl pick won’t seem so silly.

3. Bengals won despite many injuries, 34-17.

4. The Saints are 2-0 after beating the Pack 34-27 at Lambeau. Nate, if your boys can’t beat the likes of the Saints at home…well…

5. Manning and Co. crushed the Texans, but are they good enough to beat the Jags and their daunting defense this week? We’ll see.

6. The Bills continue to play well, and they got a W this week 16-6 over Miami. My Dolphin playoff pick isn’t looking too great just about now, but it’s only week 2.

7. The Vikes are 2-0 with another squeaker win this time over Carolina; the Panthers apparently need Steve Smith to score points.

8. In the game that everyone’s calling “The Game that Nathan Watched Almost all Of,” the Eagles choked big time and lost to Eli and the Giants 30-24 at Philly. Wow. J and I changed the channel in the 3rd quarter because it looked like the Eagles had this one in the bag. Gotta give some DAP to Manning and the Giants on that ballsy 3rd down TD pass to win the game. The Eagles, I maintain, will win this division.

9. Oakland sucks. Ravens 28-6.

10. Justin’s 49ers showed some moxie in a win over the Rams. You gotta feel good about that , Little Brother.

11. Seattle still owns the NFC West; they beat the Cards 21-10. We’ll see if Deion Branch makes an impact in the Emerald City.

12. The Hatriots always win the close ones, this time over the Jets 24-17. Still, New England doesn’t have their swagger, which is good, but they’re not getting national praise and hype now, which worries me.

13. Titans suck. Chargers 40-7. Is San Diego the team to beat in the AFC West?

14. Cowboys bounced back and gave me some major fantasy points via Terry Glenn in a 27-10 beatdown on the Redskins.

15. And in a supremely boring MNF game, the Jaguars dominated the Steelers though they only scored 9 points — 9-0 your final. Jacksonville’s defense is amazing, but can they score points?


It was “Separation Saturday” with lots of ranked teams playing each other, but I only cared about a little rivalry game in Iowa City. My boys got the proverbial monkey off their back and beat the Cyclones 27-17. Tate had 3 TDs in his return. W00t! Iowa is now 3-0 and if we beat Illinois on Saturday (and we should if we come ready to play) then we can enter the showdown against Ohio State at 4-0.

I also want to give some rare love to the Maize and Blue for their showing the world 1. Notre Dame was way overrated, and 2. The Big Ten is the best football conference. Michigan marched into South Bend and humiliated the Irish 47-21. Ouch. Now I hope Michigan loses the rest of its games.


My Front Rangers went to 2-0 by beating Justin’s Beavers 146-130. Justin’s 130 would’ve been enough to beat any team besides mine, so we know he’ll bounce back. I hope the Rangers can play well enough to make the playoffs, which would be a first for me. I’d like to thank Donovan McNabb and Terry Glenn especially for the win. Keep it up, fellas.

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