Posted by: Nathan | September 28, 2006

Say on, Pastor Cowherd!

Today I was privileged to catch the end of Colin Cowherd’s ESPN radio show, and he was spot-on about — of all things — wealth and happiness. In response to the whole T.O. shenanigans yesterday (which we at AQ will not comment on), Cowherd basically borrowed some pages from my boy H.D. Thoreau’s book Walden and said that wealth does not equal happiness — simplicity equals happiness. Sure, there’s a certain level of money that everyone needs to get by, but after that, if you want to be fulfilled in this life, seek after the things that matter, e.g. family, love, etc. Ambition is the road to avarice; you’ll never have enough.

This is right on, though I would add that you’re not going to get all the way to fulfillment without knowing the ferocious love of God. Still, major DAP to Cowherd for this nugget of wisdom. The Herd is always worth listening to; I’d put it second only to The Dan Patrick Show, especially when DP teams up with Olbermann. (Sigh) If only they would do Sportscenter again.


  1. Colin Cowherd has the greatest sports talk radio show out there and one of the reasons why is because he talks about all kinds of topics, not just sports news. He had a great show once talking about what it means to really be a man after that Phillies pitcher punched his wife. He’s cocky and opinionated, but he’s the best. Plus, he doesn’t need a million guests to carry his show like Patrick does sometimes.

  2. Besides his razor wit (catch his summary line on T.O. called “Don’t marry the stripper!” in Nathan’s link) which is amazingly spontaneous, I like how he cuts it straight even when he’s not joking. I believe he’s involved with the coverage of the “ESPN-U” games. That would be a good package to have if I had the time to watch it (which I don’t).

  3. Oops, I’m the “Anonymous” guy from yesterday. Anyway, here’s a good line from his radio ads for his show. (BTW, isn’t ESPN the best at self-advertising?) He had made the point that “somebody ought to hit A-rod in the back of the head and say, ‘Dude, get over yourself!'” So his closing line was, “We are the honesty broker of American sports talk radio”. Hey, I believe it.

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