Posted by: Nathan | October 2, 2006

The Cubs’ Season is Over

Finally. The Cubs finished 66-96, which is worst in the National League. I stopped paying attention to anything Cubs-related about four months ago when I knew that it would only get worse. I don’t much care about the MLB playoffs except to hope that the Yanks don’t succeed in buying yet another World Series.

I don’t hold out much hope for next year either, but at least Baker’s gone. If the Cubs had been solid in a single, solitary area of baseball, one could make a meager defense for Baker, but they sucked at hitting, pitching and fielding. Goodbye, Dusty. It’s sort of a shame that baseball for me is nothing larger than the Cubs’ seasonal success or failure (usually the latter), but I don’t regret it. It saves me a lot of pain. The bigger, looming question is: Will Nate root for the Cubs again next year, or will he stay off the bandwagon?

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