Posted by: Nathan | October 4, 2006

Lost is Back!

My favorite TV drama/soap opera/action show is back tonight, as ABC’s Lost returns from its summer hiatus. I know I won’t be the only blogger watching tonight (you got my back there, Pimpin’ Kyle?). Just for kicks, I’ll make some predictions that’ll be wildly inaccurate:

1 . Michael will get blown up in his getaway boat, but Walt will swim back to shore safely.

2. Charlie, Desmond, and everyone else down in the hatch when it blew up will be fine.

3. It will take several weeks before any of the hostages escape from the dreaded “Others.”

4. Somehow, more women will manage to become part of the regulars this season since so many others perished recently.

5. Sun’s baby isn’t Jin’s.

6. Sayid is going to lay down the smack on some Others coming up here pretty soon, perhaps even in the first couple of epidsodes.

7. We’ll never know what those giant stone feet that appeared in the season 2 finale are about.

I think that’s all I can come up with. Like every good story, I look forward to finding out what happens next. Major DAP to the writers of Lost for keeping it interesting, confusing, yet loveable. I just hope it won’t turn into another X-Files i.e. a show that constantly reveals some of the secrets but keeps others hidden ad infinitum, even past the show’s extinction.

As a side note, I don’t think J and I will watch the Project Runway cast reunion show tonight, though it’d be cool to see Alison again; it’ s a shame how early she was cut. Those cast members are just too catty. I predict a Michael victory next Wednesday.

Now that’s enough TV. It’s a beautiful day! Go play outside!


  1. I don’t have your back quite yet. Due to a party, M & I will watch it together on Friday. D’oh! I figured I’d also chime in with some wildly inaccurate predictions.

    1) Locke has problems with walking again (and we find out how he lost his ability to walk in the first place)

    2) You make an astute observation about the Island conveniently producing people. I’d guess we haven’t heard the last of Libby, though. Hopefully (beyond all hope) we’re done with Ana Lucia “I can’t do anything but be confused and angry and wear a black tank top” Cortez.

    3) Charlie and Claire get back together, and Aaron ages faster than normal kids because of the Island. By the end of this season, he will be 9.

    4) Due to the same aging effect, the character of Walt has the magical voice change that Malcolm David Kelly has clearly had in real life.

    5) Kate gets together with Jack.

    6) Sawyer makes up a derogatory name for Jack.

    7) Hurley gets blamed for the capture of Jack, Kate, and Sawyer.

    8) Michael & Walt are back, and Michael’s uppance has come (cf. Sayyid)

    9) Michael Emerson continues to blow every other actor out of the water as Henry Gale.

    10) One of the new characters is named Tom Hobbes.

    11) We find out at the end of the show that this is the island on which Amelia Earhart crashed.

    And, scene.

  2. Oh man, these are great! Tom Hobbes! Fantastico! I was right on about the women characters, as you’ll see on Friday. Other than that, I won’t tell you anything, but hopefully we’ll be in touch after you watch the first episode of season 3.

  3. Ok, little bro, now it’s my turn for some predictions (although I’ve already seen Wed.’s episode).

    1. The Kate-Sawyer-Jack tension will continue til late in the season…I think maybe the new girl Juliet will add a new corner to this triangle and make it a square again, after the timely death of AnaLucia. And props to Lost for hiring Elizabeth Mitchell for the show. I’ve always loved her!

    2. The prisoners will be free within 4 weeks. Saayid to the rescue!

    3. We’ll witness a break down of the Others group. I don’t think Ben can maintain his hold on the leadership of the group.

    4. Ditto on the Locke, Ekko, and Desmond being fine. We already know that Charlie is, although, WHY didn’t he go back and look for the other three that were still in the hatch?! There he is sitting on the beach flirting with Claire instead of looking for his possibly-dead island-mates. Does that make any sense?

    5. The pushing the button thing is permanently over (cool), but there will be unforseen consequences of blowing that facility up. Good move, Locke!

    Those are a few for your enjoyment. I now have a regular weekly gathering to attend to watch Lost, which adds to the fun cause then we all sit around and speculate. Long live Lost!

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