Posted by: Nathan | October 21, 2006

Better than Lawry’s?


Some of you are probably familiar with my love of sprinkling Lawry’s seasoned salt on macaroni and cheese–it really adds a needed kick. Well, recently I tried a substitute: Emeril’s Original Essence. I didn’t expect a lot from it, but it was delicious! Part of the tastiness comes from the cayenne pepper in there, but the mixture of spices was perfect with mac ‘n’ cheese. I recommend you give it a whirl; you won’t regret it.


  1. I use Lawry’s seasoned salt religiously on hamburgers and chicken breasts. How do you think Emeril’s would stack up for these non-mac-n-cheese applications?

  2. Emeril’s Original Essence?

    Nathan prefers Emeril’s Original Essence over Lawry’s seasoned salt, but he’s sprinkling it over macaroni and cheese instead of raw meat. My mom has cooked with Lawry’s since before I was born, and I carry the tradition on today, but I…

  3. I’m not sure Essence is better on meat than Lawry’s, and I certainly echo the traditional goodness of the red-lidded salt. Essence is just a nice option if you like to mix it up, and yes, Essence is great on meat.

  4. I really can’t wait to try it.

  5. I really can’t believe you posted about seasonings on your blog. I LOVE how you have opinions about everything!

  6. […] him much. His food is always good, and I’ve grown accustomed to his eccentricities. And, as I’ve already said, his Essence is good […]

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