Posted by: Nathan | October 24, 2006

World Series Pick

You’re going to have to trust me on this one, but I really did make my pick before the series began Saturday night (you can ask J). I’ve got the Cardinals in 6. Why? Because they’ve been there before and lost, and they have more motivation than the heavily-favored Tiggers.

But I’m rooting for Detroit, of course.


  1. I picked and am going for the Tigers…I really don’t like the Cardinals, but I don’t think I have a valid reason why…it’s probably because you/Dad always have hated them because your Cubs fans, and I just picked that up even though I’ve never been a Cub follower…they’re looking good right now, though..

  2. I CALLED IT!! If only the Tigers could’ve won one more game, I’d have been right on.

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