Posted by: Nathan | October 29, 2006

Snow Kidding

Many of you probably heard about the big snowstorm that Colorado had on Thursday. Big it was. I thought I’d take pictures to document the snow day and the days following because the weather in CO is so different from the Midwest.

Thursday 10/26 ~1:00 PM MST  Temp: 31 degrees



This is just after I picked up J from work–they let her off early.

Friday 10/27 ~ 7:15 AM  Temp: 30 degrees


A good portion of the white stuff is already off the roads thanks to plowing and a warm afternoon Thursday. There is a lot of ice though.


Saturday 10/29 ~4:00 PM Temp: 65 degrees


Yep, pretty much all of it is gone except for some piles on the north side of houses that don’t get much sun throughout the day.

I’m certainly not used to the fast-melt policy that Mother Nature has around here. When it snows in MN or IA, usually you can expect to see it for a week or more (in MN, try a month). I like the wild variety of weather out here: big snow one day, sunny and warm the next.

Here’s a bonus picture from Friday that I took because Mt. Evans looked so beautiful in the dawn’s light.




  1. That’s crazy. I think I’d like the “nothing staying around too long” weather myself.

    I like the new custom header image. Did you take the pic yourself?

  2. No, I gotta give the shout-out to Google Image Search for the picture. Do you know of any way I can change the color of the lettering in the masthead? It’s kind of hard to read with the white.

  3. Unfortunately, there’s no way to change it right now on without buying the Custom CSS Upgrade for $15. 😦

  4. Whoops, yeah that was me. I logged in to my fake account to see if it could be done.

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