Posted by: Nathan | November 1, 2006

Happy Halloween!!



Left: “Arrr” by Nathan

Right: “Holly GoLightly” by J


  1. WOW! That is the first, and best bearded pumpkin I can recall ever seeing. VERY COOL

  2. Very nice..I definitely didn’t get to pumpkin carving this year…it kinda went by without much of a celebration, which is kind of a bummer. Are you guys in a good trick-or-treating neighborhood?

  3. Furthermore, those are the first, and therefore best, eye-patched and eyelashed pumpkins I’ve seen as well. Leave it to you guys to be highly original with your Jack-o-lantern artwork.

    We did the minimum but had some good mini-chocolate-candy-bars on hand (thanks of course to Mom). The prize for the cutest trick-or-treaters once again went to Sidney & Sammy, Andrea’s adorable little daughters. Grandpa Tom promises to provide a picture of them which we will share if that actually happens. Did you get some cute visitors?

  4. We had some scattered trick-or-treaters–maybe seven or so, and some were plenty cute. I thought we’d have more with all the kids we see kicking around here, but it was really cold that night.

  5. Amazing, N & J. I can see some work went into them. Arrrr

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