Posted by: Nathan | November 6, 2006

Holiday Coffee-Mate is Here!

Right now, we are in the limbo that occurs every year between Halloween and Thanksgiving that retail stores like to call “Christmas Season,” and I like to refer to as “holiday season.” It’s not Christmastime yet — Thanksgiving is the kickoff to Christmas season, but it’s a time of year special for its latent expectation: soon, there will be great food, quality time with family, and then Christmas will arrive with all its bombast and glitter juxtaposed with serenity and joy.

So in the spirit of the advent for Advent, I was overjoyed to see that Coffee-Mate has put out its Christmas flavors, even though it’s not Christmas yet. Frequent readers of AQ know I love Coffee-Mate, and I was especially excited about the Christmas flavors. They are: Gingerbread, Peppermint Mocha, Pumpkin Spice, and Egg Nog (w00t!). I know I love Egg Nog Coffee-Mate; I had it last year. So this year I’m kicking it off with Gingerbread because I was least excited about it. I’ll review it here and will not fail to provide you, dear reader, with my opinion of the other three flavors subsequent to my tasting them.

Gingerbread Coffee-Mate is pretty good, I’d say. It’s unfortunate that I’m trying it immediately after tasting Cinnamon Vanilla for the first time because they taste similar, so it’s hard to distinguish between their respective flavor qualities. Gingerbread is more spicy than sweet, but there’s enough sweetness there to brighten up your morning roast. It is reminiscent of gingerbread, and I like gingerbread; however, it’s odd to taste it without the bread. I like it but it’s not overwhelmingly great: 6.2/10 = C+.*

I’ll try the rest in this order: Peppermint Mocha, Pumpkin Spice, and I’ll finish with my beloved Egg Nog. I love holiday time.

*UPDATE: I took my own advice and added more Gingerbread to my coffee this morning, and I liked it better. Therefore, I have raised its grade to a C+ from the original 5.5/10 and C mark it first received.


  1. I love real egg nog. I look forward to it all year long, and now that it’s back in stores it’s all I can do to wait for it until Thanksgiving (but I am!). Dan bought me the egg nog Coffee-Mate as a surprise, and I really dislike it. A lot. (Though it was a very sweet thing to do!) Maybe they changed the flavoring since last year? The real disappointment was that, for me, it didn’t taste anything like egg nog. It tasted like some of the spices put together in an overwhelming way. I can add a few drops every day to my coffee, with lots of milk, and then it tastes ok. I look forward to hearing your review of it – I really do wonder if it is different this year.

  2. Nathan, I have to apologize. I was so surprised that you liked the egg nog Coffee-Mate that I thought I should give it a second chance. You always have good taste in things like that; I thought I must be missing something. Well, I guess I was. This morning I added more Coffee-Mate to my coffee, and it was tasty! I could even taste faint hints of egg nog – it almost tasted like a coffee house made it. Then I tried Dan’s, as he always adds much less milk than I do. It was even better. So, I’m sorry I didn’t give the egg nog flavor a fair shake, and I look forward to hearing what you have to say about all the upcoming holiday flavors.

  3. No need to apologize! I was beginning to wonder if I had overrated Egg Nog Coffee-Mate; it’s been almost a year since I’ve had it. Sometimes you do have to tinker around with the amount you put in the coffee. Certain flavors are strong and don’t require a lot to taste good (Amaretto), and others taste better if you add more (Vanilla Caramel).

  4. More like egg-not-gonna have it! But that’s only because I dislike the non-creamer sort too. I love your coffee-mate posts!

  5. […] Holiday Coffee-Mate is Here! […]

  6. […] Alas, I was a little disappointed, especially at first. Like E, I struggled to find the correct balance between coffee and mate, and I frequently adjusted the proportions. I found that more is better, and that made it far more enjoyable to consume. Overall though, the Egg Nogg Mate has a slightly funny, spicy aftertaste that was its main downfall. Alone, it does indeed smell and taste of nog, but in the coffee, you need a lot of it to get that noggy flavor mingled with the coffee taste. A little more sweetness would’ve helped too. I liked it, but it wasn’t as good as I had hoped: B at 7.2/10. […]

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