Posted by: Nathan | November 9, 2006

A Church Home

Many of you know how difficult it is to move to another place and find a new church. For J and I, it has been especially hard. The church we left, Open Door in Maple Grove, MN, was the first church home we’d ever had. Pastor Dave is amazing, and the worship ministry there is also unparalleled in my experience. Then we moved to Colorado in July and have been church searching ever since.

There are many elements of church hunting that make it hard. We never knew where we were going from one week to the next. Each new place came with hopes and reservations, and each church left with disappointment and determination to keep looking. It took five or six churches, but we think we’ve found our new church home.

We got the tip to check out Flatirons Community Church from my dad (thanks, Dad!), and I was a little hesistant to check it out. First, it’s quite a drive from our place; second, I was beginning to despair. But God is always faithful in his provision, and J and I made our way to Lafayette last Sunday to check out Flatirons. The long drive didn’t seem long at all as the Rockies dominated my attention all the way there—it’s a gorgeous drive.

When we walked into the sanctuary, we both knew we’d found it (or rather, God had led us there). It was alive. It was real. There were people I wanted to meet just from looking at them, and there were plenty of young couples with whom we could (Lord willing) become friends. The pastor was passionate and fun; the worship was powerful. It felt like home.

Praise God for always looking out for us! Ironically (or appropriately), the pastor’s sermon was about how God sees us through hardship; God has always had a great sense of humor. Hopefully, Flatirons will be our new church home and we’ll be able to find community in Colorado, the one thing we’ve missed most about home.

Thanks to all of you who have brought church suggestions to us: Danica, Kyle and M, Mom and Dad, and Karen. We’re blessed to have so many people looking out for us.


  1. What a blessing!

  2. Praise God! That’s exciting!

  3. Woo hoo! You’ll get a kick out of how we got the word on this news. E stopped me after choir last night at church and said “Guess what J & N are liking?” I couldn’t think fast enough so I thought of your blog and said, “You mean besides that coffee creamer thing?” She said, “Yes, they like that new church you mentioned to them!”

    I got the tip from a lady in our Bible study who has 2 young adult kids in the greater Denver area. I’ll have to tell her that was a good referral. And it was clearly a God thing.

    Thanks for the good news. Rejoicing with you, and looking forward to hearing more as you grow into that church community.

  4. That really is great!

  5. Good stuff to hear, man, good stuff. And I did get your message, I’ll have to call you back this weekend. With the show opening, life’s become a little more scheduled…

  6. It’s sad to read this more than a year later. We’ve ceased going to Flatirons—the drive wore us out after all. Now we’re pretty much exactly where we began with church searching, but we’re even more exhausted and less hopeful.

    I feel like there’s not a church for us here. I don’t know if that means I’m being too intolerant or if it means the churches here are too shallow.

    My esteem for Flatirons hasn’t wavered, however.

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