Posted by: Nathan | November 13, 2006

Holiday Coffee-Mate, Part II: Peppermint Mocha

I haven’t finished my bottle of Gingerbread Coffee-Mate yet (I’m almost there), yet I could not resist purchasing another holiday flavor today on our weekly grocery store trip. True to my word, I got Peppermint Mocha.

I was simultaneously excited and nervous about this flavor: excited for the peppermint,coffee-matepeppermint.jpg nervous about the chocolate. CM’s Raspberry Chocolate really didn’t taste that great because of the watery, flat-tasting chocolate flavoring (the raspberry was great). However, Peppermint Mocha did not fail me.

It’s really more like a dark chocolate taste that’s equal parts sweet and mellow, which I enjoyed. The peppermint was more of a background taste than I expected—I thought I’d get lots of minty taste, but CM scaled it back. It tastes like this: first, coffee followed shortly thereafter by a sweet yet reserved dark chocolate mixing with the coffee; then, just before you swallow, you taste that sharp sweetness of peppermint right at the end. Mmm mmm. B+ at 8.1/10. I only wish it had a little stronger taste, but I’m nitpicking here. Get it: you won’t regret it.



  1. Sounds a tiny bit like International Delight’s “Chocolate Mint Truffle“. I’ll definitely try Peppermint Mocha now.

  2. […] As you remember, one of my favorite Coffee-Mate flavors is Peppermint Mocha, and it only comes around at Christmas. I recalled my enjoyment of its deliciousness in 2006, so I wanted to save it for last of all the holiday flavors. I began with Egg Nog. Oh, cruel fate! It took me too long to finish my Egg Nog bottle, and by then I had gone home for Christmas. When I got back, it was gone–all gone!* All that remained was (sniff) Pumpkin Spice! Well, let this be a lesson to me: best ‘Mates first next time! […]

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