Posted by: Nathan | November 15, 2006

James Bond Quandary

I’m not a huge fan of 007, though I’ve seen a couple of movies. Casino Royale comes out this week with Daniel Craig playing Mr. Bond for the first time. Are we to believe that all six gentlemen who have played Bond are the same person, or is “James Bond” the name you get when you get promoted to the 007 position? I’m hoping for the latter; the former requires just a little too much disbelief suspending for me. It’s like the two Darrens on Bewitched. As if we wouldn’t notice…


  1. There were two Darrens on Bewitched?!

  2. There were also two Harriets on Family Matters. Next thing we know Nicole Kidman is going to be playing Hurley on Lost. Too much, I tell you.

  3. The 2nd Harriet on Family Matters REALLY bugged me, but not as much as the change of Vivian Banks half way through Fresh Prince. They didn’t even try to get an actress who looked similar.

    Here’s an article (with pictures!) about these and a few more TV Series “switcheroos”:

  4. We mustn’t forget the Seinfeld switcheroos. One day Frank Costanza is tall and relatively skinny, the next day he looks exactly like ‘Future George’. Morty Seinfeld changed tremendously too. Both changes are for the better, though. Jerry Stiller is especially perfect as Frank Costanza (cf. “Hoochie Mama!” and the brasiere speech).

  5. More pertinent to your post, I suppose, is that Daniel Craig doesn’t embody ‘James Bond’ at all, in my opinion. He’s ripped and has longish blond hair. Perhaps I’m skewed by the Brosnan Bond, but Bond is, to my mind, supposed to be dashing and svelte.

    Um…I’m now going to go spit and scratch myself after that startling display of femininity. Go monster trucks and loud noises!!

  6. “Mansiere!”

    Yeah, I’m used to the Brosnan Bond as well, especially because of endless hours killing and getting killed playing Goldeneye. Great game.

    “Svelte” is a great word by the way.

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